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12 Foods You Are Eating The Wrong Way, Fix it Now!


Now calm down, it’s not like we’ve been eating these food culturally wrong or doing something blasphemous, there are simply easier ways to eat some foods. So instead of dropping your oreo in the milk or spitting out the inside of a strawberry, we’ve compiled a list to slightly improve your eating habits with particular foods. Which will make snack time a less scrappy time.

1. Tacos Time

1. Tacos

When you squish your taco in the middle the filling falls out either side, so why not wrap it in a lettuce leaf to keep the filling intact and add a bit of green to taco time!


2. Oreo Oopsies


Stick a fork in the creamy middle part when dunking your oreos, to stop losing them to the bottom of the glass.


3. Spit-free Strawberries 

3. Strawberries

Use a straw to remove the core from strawberries.


4. Hotdog Heaven

4. Hotdogs

First penetrate your hotdog with a wooden skewer, then take a knife and slice around the hot dog in a spiral motion until you reach the end of the slab of meat. Then throw it on the grill or frying pan, once cooked you have the perfect indents for your sauce of choice.


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