12 Gorgeous Looking Men Of Age

11 Gorgeous Looking Men Of Age


It’s not a secret that men age better than women. In fact, I would argue that most of them look their finest at 40.
I remember one movie where someone mentioned Picasso in terms of old age and what does it all mean, and said: ”Picasso had children at 60!”

And indeed, I do believe that men who reach that age are just starting their best years!

1. Philippe Dumas

Philippe Dumas is a 60-year-old Parisian author who reached internet fame well into his old years. His aesthetic is flawless.


Source: Instagram | @dumphil

2. Jeremy Lea

Called the “Silver Fox” due to his silvery strands, Jeremy Lea is a London-based, self-represented male model and actor.


Source: Instagram | @jeremylea6

3. Gianluca Vacchi

Italian entrepreneur and millionaire, Gianluca Vacchi is one of the most famous popular personas who got popular just being ’bout that life! This guy turns 50 this August but lives his life as though he is about to turn 30.


Source: Instagram | @gianlucavacchi Instagram | @gianlucavacchi

4. Fransisco Cipriano

Mr. Cipriano’s has been working as a geographer in the States for the last 22 years, but now resides in Lisbon. Surfing is his passion.


Source: Instagram | @fcipriano

5. Anthony Varrecchia

This fifty-four-year-old personal trainer and photographer is quite the hunk!


Source: Instagram | @anthony.varrecchia

6. Anton Nilsson

Anton Nilsson is represented by Kult Model Agency. He has done a lot of editorials throughout the years and looks nothing short of fantastic!


Source: Instagram | @swedishanton

7. T. Michael

This gentleman right here is a gem in the sartorial world. Ghanian-born, the 50-year-old fashion designer fuses the conservative rules of old school tailoring with ready to wear pieces to create fashion with contemporary temperament.


Source: Facebook | T-Michael

8. Aiden Brady

Aiden Brady is a 50-year-old British actor, musician and model who spent most of his years as a gay adult actor!


Source: Instagram | @mr_aidenbrady Instagram | @mr_aidenbrady

9. Seth Andrew Silver

Mr. Silver is well known for his tattoos. And those are some damn fine ink pieces that he has going on!


Source: Instagram | @sir_ndrewsilver Instagram | @sir_ndrewsilver

10. Irvin Randle

Fifty-five-year-old Texan, Irvin Randle is a teacher turned model. He exploded on the Internet as soon as enough people found out about his Instagram account. Because of his well-groomed presence, he earned the hashtag #MrStealYourGrandma. More like Mr. Steal Your Girl!


Source:Instagram | @irvinrandle

11. Garrett Swann

Mr. Swann is an occasional actor, appearing in several tv shows and long length features. Turning forty-seven this year.

Source: Instagram | @thegarrettswann Instagram | @thegarrettswann

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