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12 Lifesaving Hacks That Can Help You In Critical Situations


Are you an adventurous person that likes wondering around unfamiliar places? Do you get lost, even though you have a knack for navigation? Have you found yourself in situations where you need something that you usually see everywhere around you, but now is nowhere to be found? Oh, how you wish you had it now.

You can’t be always prepared for critical situations like these, you don’t always carry a survival kit wherever you go. But there is still hope. Even if you don’t have the basic items needed for survival. You can improvise, get creative. Just don’t give up.

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Lighting a fire is  not a rocket science, but when you  don’t have any kindling it can become a creative activity.

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Hiking into the wilderness? Bring your compass! But, when you pack in a hurry you might forget to put it in your backpack. Don’t panic; Here you will learn how to make a compass using just a watter bottle.

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Just never, ever, forget to bring your multi-purpose knife with you. That’s a must.

Here is a list  of 12 survival hacks, complied by Tapoos, that will prove to be highly useful when you’re in a bit a jam.

1. Starting a fire

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Have you ever started a fire? It can be really stressful and exhausting. Don’t worry, use an egg carton as it catches fire easily.  You could also cover it with few branches to prevent exposure to the wind around it.

2. Filtering Water

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Filtering water in the wild? I bet you haven’t even thought of that since you always bring your bottle of water with you. But if you find yourselves in a situation where drinking water is nowhere to be found don’t just drink any water, as it ay make you sick. Are you ready for a short science adventure? Simply use a piece of clean cloth and a plastic bottle to filtrate the water.  Use one container for the dirty water and another clean one for the filtered water. Dip the cloth in both the containers, each respective end in each container. Sure you have to wait few hours but you’ll have drinkable water that won’t make you sick. It will be worth the wait.

3. Emergency Candle

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Ran out of candles?  Here is an even better solution, plus it lasts longer. Use a crayon as a lighting stick while starting a fire and you will be surprised how long it lasts compared to a candle. It will keep burning for a minimum of half an hour.

4. Keep Warm

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If you find yourself in critical situation where  you are desperately cold but you haven’t brought any warm clothes nor can you start a fire (because you forgot your egg carton!), just collect bunches of grass and place it inside your jacket. This will warm you up and may save you from hypothermia.

5. Protect yourself from annoying insects

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Everyone hates those annoying flies, mosquitoes and insects. Not only can they contaminate your food but they could also be carrying a deadly infection. Here is your solution. Take herbs like mint and thyme and burn them.  The smell will repel and they will leave you alone.

6. Use toothpaste to relieve stings

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However, if any insect still gets you, the sting is annoyingly itchy right. The menthol in toothpaste will help cool the area. Just apply the toothpaste on the bite and it will feel better right away.

7. Use chap stick on cuts

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Don’t ever leave a  cut or a scratch on your foot unintended, if you hurt yourself. These cuts are ideal spots for contamination and you need to shield yourself from that at all costs. If it happens, cover the cut with a little bit of Chap Stick as this will protect and seal the wound. If the weather around you is particularly cold use it to moisturize your face and save yourself from dehydrating.

8. Tampons to stop bleeding

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A wound won’t stop from bleeding? You know that you are risking infection with dirty cloths. Here is an unusual solution. You can simply stop it with a tampon that is aseptic and safer to use.

9. Use condoms as water reservoirs

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Have you ever thought to keep water in a condom? Bet not. Well, if you are in a critical situation, don’t be disgusted, they are clean and and will keep your water from becoming warm. Put it in a fabric sack and make sure you close the condom with a secure lid that will prevent the water from spilling.

10. Use a pick to light a fire

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If you find yourself in an area where it has been raining a lot and the branches and twigs around you are damp, use a pick to light fire. The plastic that makes up a pick is filled with flammable material. Use a knife and scrape some off on small pieces of wood. It will help you start a fire even if your wood is not dry.

11: Make your own compass with a water bottle

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As mentioned previously, don’t panic if you are lost and forgot your compass. All you need to create one is a water bottle a needle and a leaf. Rub the needle on your jeans and put it on the leaf. Together put them on the water and see the rubbed side of the needle pointing towards north. Cool right?

12. Find out if a snake is venomous

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Maybe you haven’t come across a documentary about snakes but here is some helpful information. Not all snakes are venomous. But how the heck do you know which one is and which one is not? If you get a snake bite and you are terrified to know if it is or isn’t venomous, the bite itself will show you. If the bite has two rows don’t worry you are safe but if the front two teeth are cleaner and more visible most likely you have been bitten by a venomous snake.

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