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12 Historical Facts That ‘Titanic’ Got Terribly Wrong


The Titanic is one of those iconic, Oscar-winning, loved by everyone movies. It’s got everything; glamour, chivalry, villains, heart-pounding action and tragic young love. I doubt someone watched it without shedding a tear. Or ten. Fine, you’ve used the whole Kleenex box. The fact that the movie was based on a real actual historical event made it even sadder. But not everything was accurate, there were a few inconsistencies in the movie that wouldn’t have happened in the real-life event.

Here are some of them, compiled by Diply.

1.Jack wouldn’t have been allowed to attend that first-class dinner.

In reality, third-class passengers were not permitted to dine in the first-class area, and vice versa. It would have created the butterfly effect, and one of the greatest love stories would have never existed. It’s too painful to even think about.

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2. The original Titanic sank in complete darkness

On the real boat, they didn’t have lanterns. In the movie, the director James Cameron used them solely for the purpose of lighting the set.


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3. Smaller ships would not have been able to sale around the Titanic during its departure

In the movie, we can notice a lot of small ships around the Titanic when it was leaving the harbor. In reality, those ships would have been sunk by the immense waves the cruiser was creating.


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4. Unsinkable Molly Brown got that nickname after she died

The real Molly was called Margaret, who was a socialite and philanthropist that lived in New York. When she was alive her friends called her Maggie but only after her death, people started calling her the Unsinkable Mrs. Brown.


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5. Hypothermia would have hit much sooner

The passengers on the Titanic didn’t drown because they didn’t know how to swim. Most of them froze to death on the night of April 15, 1912, because the temperature of the Atlantic ocean was about 28 degrees Fahrenheit, just below freezing. And in reality, the cold water would have affected the passengers even when they were evacuating onto the decks.


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6. They didn’t lock the third class passengers before deck when the Titanic started sinking

Thank God, because that is really inhumane.

“As soon as the order was given to lower the lifeboats, the order was given to open all the gates and there was no discrimination on the boat deck between either first class or third,” claims Historian Tim Maltin.

Looks like the producers love to use hyperbole.

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7. Military traditions would have been British, not American.

Even though the Titanic was built in Ireland and was considered a British ship, Will Murdoch who was an officer on the ship didn’t do the British version of a military salute which is a salute with the palm facing outwards. Instead, he did the one used by the American army. Someone has been watching the Titanic a lot to notice that. Speaking of Will Murdoch…


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8. Will Murdoch was a true hero in real life

The Will in the movie panicked, over-reacted and shot two innocent passengers. He couldn’t live with his guilt, so he committed suicide. However, the real-life Will was a brave man who helped a lot of people evacuate and save themselves. A true hero!


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9. Dressed like that, Rose would have never survived the excruciating weather conditions

Yes, Rose, maybe you looked outstanding wearing that dress and coat, but that wouldn’t be enough to save you from really severe cold temperature. But we are not movie experts so we shall hush now. Aesthetics first.


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10. There was no water in the Lake Wissota at the time the Titanic sank

Don’t get us wrong, we all really loved Jack and this is not really your fault but… How could you fish in a mere pit? Lake Wissota was filled with water almost six years after the Titanic sank.


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11. Rose was way before her time

And Rose, on the other hand, predicted the theories of the one and only Sigmund Freud. Astonishing, right. She quoted the psychoanalysis master, regarding males’ obsession with size, 8 years after it was published in 1920.


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12.  The flooded lower decks’ water wouldn’t have been ocean blue

Well they probably wanted to try and ease the pain, but in vain. The water would have been dark and muddy instead of what was presented.


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