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12 Incredibly Gross Things We’re All Guilty Of Doing


Well, as we all know, the human race is far from perfect and some human beings can be responsible for truly gross behavior. Okay, okay, most of us.


Some folks like to pick their nose, others are guilty of clipping nails everywhere in their apartment, and so many more gross things that we are all probably guilty of sometimes.

No matter how we present ourself to the world we’ve all done at least one of these cringe-worthy things at some point in our lives.

Here are some them that we don’t dare to speak of outside the privacy of our own home, made by Aunty Acid.

1. Making hair art on the shower walls

When we are showering a lot of hair falls off our heads, and the logical thing would be to get rid of that hair. But the more fun thing is to make next level artwork.


2. Forgetting to shave your toes

After spending so much time and effort shaving your legs, it’s normal to forget to shave your feet. But then your feet end up looking like hobbit feet.


3. Forgetting to shave your upper lip

If you don’t want to spend your day walking around with a monocle on your face and saying “Good day to you sir” to people, don’t forget to shave your upper lip.


4.Checking out your tampon after it’s been inside you



5. Realizing that “period blood” is a pretty weak description of what a period actually is

There is much more to a period than losing blood. PMS, painful cramps, food cravings.. did I say cramps?


6. Wearing your favorite bra even if doesn’t fit

And you have tons of others in your drawers, but not one supports you like this one does.


7. Having special scissors for trimming yourself

We are all guilty of this one, ladies.



8. Bursting pimples

Even if it’s not recommended and highly unhygienic.


9. Smelling yourself when you haven’t showered

Especially when someone else starts smelling, you immediately think it’s you.


10. Storing something inside your bra and then forgetting about it

Ah, that’s where my savings are.


11. Dropping food down your cleavage

Ups, now that might be embarrassing.

gross 1

12. And then eating it anyway

Well, food should not be wasted. You know you’ll eat that Cheeto.

gross 2

Source: auntyacid

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