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12 Makeup Myths Everyone Really, Needs To Stop Believing


There are millions of rules we have to follow when it comes to makeup. It’s becoming even more complicated because every day there is a new makeup trend which brings, even more, new rules. So the beginners are really struggling to keep up with everything. But don’t get too frustrated, once you learn the basics of the most popular trends, you will be doing your makeup like a pro. Some of these trends are:

  • Contouring
  • Highlighting
  • Strobing

Before the Kardashian sisters made it big, we weren’t aware of what contouring actually is. Now almost every girl can do it. But if you believe that this technique is too advanced, then you might want to stick to the basics.

So what are are the basics? As it’s obvious, there are too many myths out on the internet with false information. Therefore it will be very useful if you know which of these are wrong. Below you can find 12 makeup debunked myths.

1. “You can keep your mascara until it starts to get clumpy.”

Almost every mascara has a life expectancy of about three months. So the chances that you will spot clumpiness are bigger if you have it longer. Also what is even more important, the chances you will catch an eye infection are higher.


2. “Pumping your wand gets rid of clumps.”

No, as a matter of fact this actually does the opposite. It creates more air in the tube which can make your mascara drier, clumpier and flakier, and it’s gross.


3.  “It’s okay to sleep with your makeup on.”

No, because your skin needs time to renew itself when you sleep. If you don’t clean off the makeup, the foundation on your face hinders the process and clogs pores. Also, it dehydrates your skin. And when it comes to eye makeup, it can lead to infections.


4. “Makeup causes acne.”

This one is half true. The makeup itself can not cause acne but when you have makeup on your face for a long time bacteria develops, and it can cause infections. Make sure you use clean brushes and sponges and wash them to avoid getting pimples.


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