The 12 Most Dangerous Animals Found Around The World


Well, it seems like you accidentally turned your device to Animal Planet. Today, we’re taking a look at the most dangerous, terrifying animals in the world.

Sure, nature is beautiful, but also terrifying. And today we’re talking about the terrifying part, thaks to TheBuzzTube. Keep your distance and don’t feed the animals, please!

1. The blue-ringed octopus


No, it’s not just a psychedelic trip from those mushrooms you had in Amsterdam. It’s a real octopus, and it’s as dangerous as it is colorful. If it stings you, it will inject a powerful neurotoxin which stops all your muscles… Which means you’ll suffocate pretty soon. Sooner than it eats you, so that’s a plus. I guess.

2. The black spitting thick-tailed scorpion


It’s basically the cobra version of a scorpion – this little bugger can spit its venom as far as one meter away. While usually not deadly, the poison causes temporary blindness and intense pain, which, if left untreated, can become permanent.

3. The sarcastic fringehead


It’s small, but aggressive and so foolishly fearless that it sends many a fisherman fleeing far, far away from it. These little buggers are extremely territorial and will snap at anything that encroaches on their turf. Also… Whoever named this thing? Kudos to you.

4. The saw-scaled viper


Besides the bone-chilling rattling it produces with its tail scales, the toxin produced by this viper causes all sorts of bleeding disorders. Its victims usually die of internal organ hemorrhage.

5. The frilled shark


Looking like an alien experiment gone wrong, the frilled shark sports dozens of tiny, backward facing razor-sharp fangs. Basically, its mouth is made up of a hundred or so super-sharp tiny hooks. Whatever it bites, it ends up unrecognizable, even if it manages to pull away. Because pulling away means getting torn apart into a thousand pieces.

6. The Portuguese man o’war


It’s a siphonophore that pretends to be a jellyfish. But besides being a master manipulator, its scariest thing is its venom – it leaves big, red swellings on the skin, which then hits the lymph nodes and causes all sorts of fevers. Some say it has the most painful venom in the world.

7. The hooded seal


While they basically look like a joke, they’re fiercely aggressive and territorial. They have attacked humans more than once, sometimes with terrible results.

8. The Brazilian wandering spider


This little critter is actually the official winner of The Most Venomous Spider in the World award. It’s called the “wandering spider” because it really loves taking long, aimless walks anywhere it wants, like for example your neck.

9. The great white shark


These sea puppies have 300 serrated teeth and a super-sensitive sense of smell. While they don’t usually eat humans… It happens.

10. The saltwater crocodile


The evolution of the crocodile has stagnated for millions of years. Why? Well, because they evolved to be the perfect predators. And decided that there’s no more room for improvement in that department. They’re stealthy, fast swimmers, and have the most powerful bite in the animal kingdom. That enough for you?

11. The bullet ant


It’s small but as deadly as a bullet, hence its name. When bitten by it, people say it hurts like being shot, and its toxin is so powerful that it paralyzes a grown man.

12. The golden poison dart frog


It’s the size of a paperclip, but it has enough poison to kill 10 men.

13. The polar bear


These cuties are not poisonous, but they sting with their huge, kitchen-knife-sized claws, and maul with their fangs. Stay away!

14. The Komodo dragon


It doesn’t even have to bite you – its spit is so rich with harmful bacteria that it can get you sick in no time. But if you do get bitten, then it’s a fun ride riddled with muscle paralysis, hemorrhaging, low blood pressure and hypothermia. And… Death.

Source: thebuzztube

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