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12 Must-Know Money Saving Home Hacks


There are tonnes of household hacks that you can start doing today to save you time and money. We’ve collected some of the best and tested them so you know they can be trusted. If you just introduce little changes that make a big difference on the clock on your wallet. The car parking hack is ingenious as that can definitely save you on little bumps, while some of the others will lengthen the life of products to stop you buying the same products prematurely.

  1. Keep your razor sharp with help by your jeans

Slide your razor up and down your jeans about 10-20 times in each direction. This will remove nicks and keep it sharper for longer.



2. Use Rapid Wash on your machine

Set your machine on “rapid wash” so that it only goes for 30 mins instead of 45. Your clothes will still be clean but your bill will be smaller.



3. Aluminum Foil = Dryer Sheet

Instead of buying dryer sheets, just ball up some aluminium foil with your wash, it will remove the static and can doesn’t need to be replaced after each wash.



4. Make Your Own Soap

Two basic ingredients plus whatever you want to add to make it smell nice…home made hand soap!



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