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12 Nail Art Designs For Your Toes

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All of you longtime readers I think won’t find it hard to disagree that we’ve talked about nail art an awful lot in the past. But, there was one type of nail art that always went amiss: toes!

Nicely pedicured feet can make a world of difference and they shouldn’t be left neglected, so, we’re going to show you some very cute nail art designs for your toes so they don’t have to feel left out the next time you do your nails… well, if they had feelings anyway…

1. This super cute floral design

Nail Art Toes 1

Source: Nails Update Image

2. So pretty. With rhinestones to make it even more pretty

Nail Art Toes 2

Source: YouTube | MyDesigns4You Nail Art

3. Another flower design

Nail Art Toes 3

Source: YouTube | Nancy Q

4. Some more flowers plus a French tip

Nail Art Toes 4

Source: YouTube | Glossy Nails

5. Black and white with a nice bow

Nail Art Toes 5

Source: YouTube | Lenysea

6. Something fairly simple

Nail Art Toes 6

Source: YouTube | MissJennFABULOUS

7. Some pink, some black and some dots

Nail Art Toes 7

Source: YouTube | MyDesigns4You Nail Art

8. Polka dots are always cool, and the colors on these certainly stand out

Nail Art Toes 8

Source: YouTube | MissJenFABULOUS

9. Super cute wave design

Nail Art Toes 9

Source: YouTube | cutenails

10. A cute glittery heart design

Nail Art Toes 10

Source: YouTube | cutenails

11. Some more flowers, this time on a red background

Cute Toenail Designs 11

Source: YouTube | nails4sanam

12. Peachy


Source: YouTube | nails4sanam

And that’s the last one. Which one of these cool toe nail designs did you like the most? Let us know in the comments below.

Main image source: YouTube / cutenails
Collage image source: 1. YouTube / cutenails
2. YouTube / nails4sanam
3. YouTube / MyDesigns4You Nail Art

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