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12 Next-Level Manicure Tricks


While visiting the salon can be an expensive affair, at least you know the nail stylists are treating your nails with care and respect. Sometimes at home we can take short cuts and rush the job to the peril of our nail health. To have salon level manicures at home we have to follow the rules too, but once you get into the routine and set aside the right amount of time you will reap the healthy beautiful nails rewards…

1. Remove Old Polish

Slightly d’uh, I know, but to put on a fresh coat you must work from a clean slate. Use a  non-acetone remover to limit the damage to the nail.

1. Remove Old Polish


2. Use Your Clippers!

Excessive filing can weaken nails, so it’s best to use clippers beforehand.

2. Use Your Clippers!


3. Choose your file with care

Glass and metal nail files may be part of your kit but they can be very harsh on your nails. Emery boards are less severe on your nails.

3. Choose A Gentler File


4. Cut out those cuticles

Overgrown and over bearing cuticles can ruin any great manicure, choose a cuticle eliminator to to get just the right amount on your nails.

4. Eliminate Those Cuticles


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