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12 Gorgeous Plum Nail Art Ideas

Plum Nail Art

Plum is a really nice color. It’s not too sophisticated, it’s just a dark purple at its core, but still, somehow wearing purple makes you look quite sophisticated.

If you share this opinion as well, check out these design ideas for plum nail art.

1. A few cute floral accents

Plum Nail Art Designs 1

Source: Ink361 | @lieve91

2. These aristocratic gold accents

Gold accents are the perfect touch!


Source: Instagram | @nailboxco

3. Just a solid, stunning shade of plum

Plum Nail Art Designs 3

Source: Miss Lindsay Lane

4. Another really aristocratic design, further accentuated by those rings

Plum Nail Art Designs 4

Source: tumblr | inessilveira

5. A deep plum shade that looks amazing with this matte top coat


Source: Instagram | @claire_gwynne

6. A nice glitter accent


Source: Instagram | @nailenvybyjennifer

7. This ombre design looks amazing


Source:Stuff Point

8. Another deep matte shade with some more gold accents

This deep plum shade is divine!


Source: tumblr | unasy-esmalte

9. A little bit of gold never hurt anyone


Source: Glitter and Nails

10. Who said that only gold works with this color?


Source: Instagram | @nailsbywendy

11. Perfect looking glitter accents


Source: Instagram | @nailpolismuseum

12. Those flower accents are so pretty


Source: Instagram | @hashtagnailpolish
Main image via Stuff Point
Collage images via 1. Stuff Point 2. Instagram / @nailboxco 3. Instagram / @hashtagnailpolish

And that’s the last one. Which one of these plum designs was your favorite? Would you try one of them out? Share your thoughts in the comments!


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