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12 Rarely Known Facts About Grease


1. Rarely Known Facts About Grease

Did you know that Jim Jacobs and Warren Casey were inspired by a Chicago high school in 1971 for the original production? However they avoided swearwords and thus the musical got its name from the extreme trend for greasy food, engines and of course greasy hair.


2.The movie had a playboy producer

As reported in Vanity Fair, although producer Carr thought this Tony-nominated play would do a perfect film he was dismissed by his Paramount boss ending up only with a budget of $6 million to make it.


3.Danny Zuko was almost going to be played by “The Fonz”

Henry Winkler the then star of The Happy Days was offered the leading role but he refused it as he was concerned not to be a typecast.


4.Sandy was almost played by Carrie Fisher

The director Randal Kleiser allegedly watched dailies of Star Wars to see if Carrie was the perfect choice.


5.However the front runner turned out to be Marie Osmond

Yet Osmond raised as a Mormon refused the role as she didn’t approve Sandy’s transformation into a bad girl.


6.Another surprise name in the casting was Lucille Ball

Being the first choice for Rizzo Ball refused her daughter Lucie Arnaz to take the role due to the bad girl reputation of the character.


7.Danny was initally imagined as a busboy

Allan Carr at the beginning imagined Danny as a gas station worker who sings a song called “Gas Pump Jockey.”


8.Sandy is not originally an Aussie

Olivia Newton – John not being able to do the American accent caused the character’s last name to be changed from Olsson to Dumbrowski.


9.Jeff Conaway played on hte Broadway show too

Except that on the Broadway  he played the role of Danny Zuko together with Richard Gere and Patrick Swayze as opposed to his Kenickie role in the film.


10.None of the actors were of the age they were acting

29-year-old Newton John worried about the seven-year age gap between her and her partner John Travolta turned out that wasn’t the oldest member of the cast. Stockard Channing was even older – 33 while Jamie Donnelly who played Jan had even gray hair! However cinematographer Bill Butler using soft lenses did magic and managed to hid the true age of the ladies.


11. There is a tribute to James Dean in the movie

The windbreaker of Danny wore at the beginning of the movie was actually a tribute to the bad boy character of James Dean in Rebel Without a Cause.


12. The story behind “Look at me, I’m Sandra Dee”

Although in the play Sal Mineo was mentioned, the writers of the movie had to change it since he was murdered in 1976, thus they included Elvis but the King died the same day when the scene was shot.


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