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12 Signs You Are Probably Not In Love Anymore


Being in love is the most wonderful feeling in the world. But, things happened and people don’t feel the same as they did in the beginning of the relationship. That is completely normal. Some problems can be solved, especially if you have open conversations with your partner and tell them exactly how you feel. But, sometimes it’s just better for you to be honest with yourself and your partner and just move on. If you seeing these signs in your own relationship, it might mean you aren’t really in love anymore. Here is a list compiled by Diply.

1. You don’t get excited to see them

Remember how excited you were choosing the outfit for your next date with them. Or, how you couldn’t wait for him to come home from work so you could get cracking on the homemade pizza and drink wine all night. Now, you rather watch Netflix in your pajamas, alone.


source:Tumblr | theflyingpaper

2. You never think about them

Your day passes working, studying or shopping but they don’t cross your mind. Not.Once. If you see a cute teddy bear and you don’t think of them, you are not in love.

source:Tumblr | enjoyingtheanonymiity

3. You don’t share big news with them

Got a new job, or maybe you bought yourself that brand new laptop you wanted so badly, and telling them first doesn’t even cross your mind? Well, it’s pretty obvious that you don’t care about what they think.

source:Tumblr | definitelymaybe1

4. Is it even love without chemistry?

You don’t buy sexy lingerie anymore, don’t shave your legs all winter and the only thing happening in the bedroom is sleeping marathons.

source:Tumblr | chaosextravagance

5. You don’t make time for them

If you are free sure, you guess you can see them. But the farthest ahead you plan on seeing them is maybe at the end of the work week.

source:Tumblr | chaosextravagance

6. You don’t try

You don’t care where this relationship will go, so you don’t bother making apologies or texting them a cute message.

source:Tumblr | whatpeoplesayiamthatswhatimnot

7. You feel insecure almost all the time

When you love someone, you will show them your true self and won’t care if they see you with a messy bun or ripped socks. They accept you the way you are and you love them for that.

Tumblr | whatpeoplesayiamthatswhatimnot

8. You can’t wait to find a reason to break up

You need something to happen so you can get mad and finally end things. Even if it means you being cheated on. That would be pretty great actually, given your situation.

source:Tumblr | are-you-lacking-on-inspiration

9. You judge them constantly

Nothing they do will ever be right for you. Also, every breath they draw in your presence annoys you.

source:Tumblr | lovingthebadguys

10. You never compliment them

You don’t tell them you are proud of them or that they looked amazing last night. There is not even one good thing you want to say to them. It’s like your brain is stuck.

source:Tumblr | chaosextravagance

11. You feel like you are going to work when you have to meet them

You have a knot in your stomach just thinking about why you are putting yourself through all of this. You just don’t want to be with them.

source:Tumblr | chaosextravagance

12. You never say “I love you.”

Even if they do. You just smile or change the subject.

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