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12 Struggles Women Need To Explain To All The Men Out There


Men have such difficulty communicating with women sometimes, let alone understanding women’s daily struggles. Whenever a woman walks into a restroom, the male date might wonder what takes so long. Is it her makeup, her clothes, does she feel uncomfortable on their date? Men find most women’s struggles incomprehensible. Here are some more details about the world of women’s stress that men really need to comprehend.

Otherwise, who would be there to console you, ladies?

1. Having receipts laying around is one thing, but these are a totally new world to guys.

Girls LOVE buying new clothes. Period.


Source: Instagram | @cohmedy

2. After a long day, this is the hairstyle you get from the high ponytail.

Does it stay like that all day? Mostly yeah.


Source: Facebook | Funny Texts

3. This question went around Twitter and it still perplexes a lot of boys out there.

Would you agree with the muppet man over here?


Source: Twitter | @iLove_CC

4. And again…


Source: Twitter | @laurenonizzle

5. Okay, this can happen a lot of times, but how do you fix it? How?

No scissors, I’m telling you! This can be fixed, right?


Source: Twitter | @KristaKaylynn

6. Would you sit still or would you go for a challenge?

Is there a preparation process?


Source: Twitter | @sarafrieden

7. Is this different for left-handed girls, or is the right eyebrow always the hardest one to do?

This is totally hilarious!


Source: Twitter | @ambermaybeauty

8. When you are not aware of the newest makeup trends.

At least Google helps us out. As long as we got the right word.


Source: Twitter | @olivia_armagno

9. Boys will never get this.

What’s the point of all these?!


Source: Imgur | anlyin

10. That’s only one color! Or is it?

There is so much that goes into makeup, that men will never see.


Source: Me.me

11. Turning a bathroom counter into Doctor Frankenstein’s lab.

It seriously looks like the workshop of a mad scientist!


Source: Twitter | @MrMckenzieBruh

12. Would your partner know what this is?


Source: Facebook | My children mean everything to me!
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