12 Extremely Tangled Celebrity Couples

12 Extremely Tangled Celebrity Couples


Romantic ties in Hollywood are probably more tangled than my cat’s yarn! The speed at which these people change their minds is unbelievable! I am just starting to pick up clues on a new, extraordinary couple, when lo and behold! They are not together anymore! Or, are they?

In the end, who knows?

A good movie can definitely come out of it! With lots and lots of spin-offs. Check out these celebs who had no idea they were taking a photo with their exes’ future baes.

1. Nikki Reed and Robert Pattison

Nikki Reed and Robert Pattison dated some time before K-Stew came into the picture. That is the Twilight picture. See? The plot thickens!


Source: Zimbio

2. Big Sean and Ariana Grande

Big Sean dated Ariana Grande for eight months. They even have a couple of songs together. Remember the story of couples falling in love while portraying couples on the big screen? See the photo above for a better representation!

Same thing happened to Big Sean, but not only with Ariana. He decided to record a full album with Jhene Aiko. And fell in love with her!


Source: Inquisitr

3. Mac Miller

Here is Big Sean next to Mac Miller, Ariana Grande’s current boyfriend. He is a musician as well. I guess what goes around comes around.


Source: Complex

4. Katy Perry

These two ladies both dated musician extraordinaire John Mayer. Katy dated him after Taylor did. Welp!


Source: Business Insider

5. Miranda Kerr and Katy Perry!

Hats down to these two! Katy Perry now dates Miranda Kerr’s ex-husband Orlando Bloom. That never stopped anybody from acting grown-up and civil! Good for them!


Source: Daily Mail

6. Taylor Swift and Gigi Hadid

They both have a thing for musicians. Gigi Hadid used to date Taylor Swift’s ex-boyfriend Joe Jonas.


Source: Hollywood Take

7. Zayn Malik and Joe Jonas

Oh boy! Gigi Hadid left Joe for Zayn.


Source: Mirror

8. Selena Gomez and Miley Cyrus

Both were involved with Nick Jonas. Both of them moved on.


Source:Star Magazine

9. Tyler Posey really went in there.

Bella Thorne and Tyler Posey became a thing right after her relationship with Gregg Sulkin.


Source: Seventeen

10. Chad Michael Murray and James Lafferty

I need you to concentrate for me now a little bit. In 2004, Sophia was married to Chad only to divorce him five months later. in 2008, she dated James for a whole year. Chad Michael Murray, Sophia Bush and James Lafferty shot One Tree Hill movie together back in 2012. Get it?


Source: Gregory Pace | Getty Images

11. Sarah Hyland, Matt Prokop and Dominic Sherwood

Sarah Hyland walked away from an abusive relationship with Matt Prokop and now her new beau is Dominic Sherwood.


Source: Teen.com

12. Sofia Richie and Selena Gomez

I think that Selena Gomez turned green when she found out that Sofia Richie and Justin Bieber were dating. Luckily, they were a thing for jut like a month…


Source: Extra TV

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