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12 Gorgeous Tattoos That Turn Scars Into Works Of Art


Remember the days when having a tattoo meant that you are sort of a gangster or you are going through a rebellious phase? They were condemned and viewed as taboo by a lot of people. However, today they are not only becoming more and more popular but accepted as well. People choose to ink their bodies as a tribute to someone special who might have passed or as dedication and affection to a loved one. Or they might get a rainbow tattoo simple because is cute and adorable,or if the want to cover a scar on their body that they don’t particularly like.

There is no limit to the palette of ideas when it comes to tattoos. You can choose any shape, dimension or color. And from an artsy point of view, some of them can be so impressive it’s a shame one can’t see them painted on canvas and displayed at an exhibition. When the tattoo’s artist does them professionally and with great care and precision there is no room for nothing but an abundance of compliments.

Here is a list compiled of Smalljoys, showing that even scars can become a beautiful piece of art.

1. Moby Dick


This small cute tattoo is located at the right place. It’s appropriate for all those jobs that require not having revealing tats. Or, if you are a private person that doesn’t like showing off.

2. The adorable kitty tattoo


This one is a perfect choice for all cat lovers. Their faces will make your bad day more bearable. If you don’t own a cat (from different reasons) you can carry one inked on your skin.

3. Realistic autumn tree


Look at those majestic autumn colors. Nature is constantly an inspiration for most artists. If you love the autumn this can be a great concept of an arty autumn-inspired tattoo.

4. Pisces tattoo


A great vivid zodiac tattoo seems to be always modern. These are usually first choices of the couples or the horoscope addicts. It’s a great idea to get one with your partner on your next anniversary, right?

5. The tree of life


This simple but meaningful tattoo sends a strong message.

6. Another animal tattoo


All animal lovers probably won’t miss a chance to get a small black animal tattoo.  When done precisely they turn out to be so realistic and cool.

7. Cute branch tat


Good place for this wonderful ink art. Reminding you to stay strong no matter what.

8. Cover up


Maybe you were young and wild when you decided to get a tattoo. So what? Now you can cover the mistake-tattoo with a brand-new one. A simple beautiful elephant tattoo would do the trick.

9. Heart


Having scars sometimes can make you feel less confident or very self-conscious. In that case, you can cover it with a beautiful pink rose heart, just like on this image.

10. Wild flowers


Now you see it now you don’t! Let this tattoo do its magic and cover the scar. No one would suspect that there was even a scare at first place.

11. Burn scar pigmentation


To some artists, the burn scar pigmentation can serve as an inspiration. This one is simply outstanding. A round of applause for the creativity and the amazing ink job.

12. Gorgeous bird tattoo


Whoever got this tattoo must have been very brave. Imagine how much it must have hurt… But, in the end, it was worth it. It’s a stunning piece of art on a skin.
You are probably tempted to get one now that you have seen these beautiful arty tattoos, right? You would be surprised by the astonishing rate at which people are getting tattoos nowadays. It is undeniable, a global phenomenon.

Source: smalljoys

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