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12 Embarrassing Things Girls Like To Do But They Will Never Tell You


Girls hide a lot of secrets but don’t think they share all of them with their girlfriends. As a matter of fact, many people have little secrets that like to keep only for themselves. And that’s totally fine until someone finds out. Or decides to make a comic series about it… During a girl’s everyday routine, it just happens that they do things that people might consider awful. These little things are finally out to the public, so there is no shame in admitting that many of the ladies out there have done them.

Whenever doors close and there is no one home, some daily routines need to be done.

1. Hair art on shower walls

Not proud of it, but it’s a thing.


2. Forgetting to shave your toes


Yes, it happens more than often. Hair everywhere!

3. Forgetting to wax your upper lip.


It’s not the biggest sin, but sometimes they just don’t do it! And it’s perfectly normal. At least for some people.

4. Checking out your tampon after it’s been inside you


They are VERY curious!

5. Realizing that “blood” is a pretty weak description of what a period actually is


The cramps, the mood swings, and all that yelling! Where does that come from?

6. Wearing your favorite bra even though it doesn’t fit


Makes you hate it even though you love it.

7. Having special scissors for trimming yourself


They take special care on special days.

8. Bursting zits


Basically one of their favorite activity at home.

9. Smelling yourself when you haven’t showered


Science has proven this is satisfying to the brain. What a discovery!

10. Storing something inside your bra and then forgetting about it


Not shameful, at all.

11. Dropping food down your cleavage


12. And then eating it anyway


Of course, you won’t throw the food!


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