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12 Things That Prove Little Knowledge Is A Dangerous Thing


Sadly, the Internet is overflowing with false general knowledge stories like these here. Few bother to do a bit of research to do a quick truth search. It is often best to check everything you read online, as it might just be half-true or even false. Sometimes, we think we know something, which turns out to be something entirely different. And in that moment, we think our life is a huge lie.

Be warned, these mind-blowing truths might shake you a bit.

1. Chupa Chups isn’t an American company.

It was actually created by Enric Bernat, from Barcelona, Spain. Surprisingly, the first logo for this lollipop was designed by Salvador Dali. Wow!



2. The memory span of a goldfish is not 3 seconds long.

This common myth is a lie. Studies show that these fish are capable of retaining associative memories for up to 6 days.



3. Owls have surprisingly long legs.

Of course, you probably knew that they can turn their heads at a pretty impressive angle (around 270 degrees). But did you know they have a load of leg hiding under their fluffy feathery bodies? Take a look at this handsome owl demonstrating his long legs.



4. Regular flying moths don’t eat fabric.

If you see a grown moth, don’t panic. Their offspring are the ones that eat your clothing. After their eggs hatch, the tiny moth babies eat their way through your drawers.



5. Paving blocks.

This picture shows how wet concrete gets turned into the illusion of blocks using this pretty clever rig. Oh no!



6. Potato chips aren’t 100% potato.

Have you tried to make potato chips at home and noticed how different they are from the ones you buy at the supermarket? Commercially sold chips contain starch, flour, and water to improve and prolong their crunchy texture.



7. Diamonds aren’t such a big deal.

A company called De Beers has a global monopoly over diamonds. They run every diamond mine in the world and choose the prices, setting them high just because they can.



8. Hello Kitty might not be a cat.

Just stop for a moment and think about it. We never see Hello Kitty on all fours, and she acts like a human girl. She even owns a pet cat. Anyway, she is as original as Pokemon.


9. The Earth isn’t a perfectly round shape.

Well, you probably knew this, but did you know that it actually has a potato shape when you level the sea surface (this is called a geoid)?



10. This is what towels look like in the store.

This is more than brilliant! And it really makes sense for some stores with high shelves or a high shoplifting risk.



11. There’s a difference between Coke in cans and Coke in glass bottles.

This is in fact due to the cans temselves. Studies show that aluminium cans absorb part of the taste and smell of Coke.



12. There’s gravity in space.

Although in small amounts, it’s still there. In fact, astronauts aboard the ISS, as well as their vessel, are falling very slowly.



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