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12 Things I Wish Someone Told Me Before Getting Eyelash Extensions

Eyelash Extensions

Beauty has a price to pay, and it’s not always money we’re talking about. Sometimes, we’re talking about getting eyelash extensions and learning what it means – the hard way.

One girl decided to try this before her summer wedding, for the first time, at the recommendation of her makeup artist. She said it’s better than mascara, and she was right, the bride felt totally glamorous on her wedding day.


Left: At the bridal shower, stretching mascara to the max. Right: Me on her wedding day with eyelash extensions (and zero mascara).

What happened afterwards, though? Here’s what she learned after falling for the eyelash extension trend:

1. Semi-permanent eyelash extensions are way different from temporary strip or individual lashes.

Semi-permanent ones are applied by hand one lash at a time by a technician who glues extensions on top of your actual lashes, according to Courtney Akai, a New York City-based eyelash extension technician with more than 12 years of experience. They can last for six to eight weeks with proper care and remain on your natural lashes until they naturally fall out, as all lashes do.


2. Eyelash extensions aren’t a one-size-fits-all-eyes situation.

You have to make many other decisions when you do this. Lash material (mink, silk or other), whether you want a more natural look, what price you’re willing to pay, the density, the curl…


To complicate things even more, every place offers different lash and application options, so your best bet is to show your technician a photo of the look you want, and talk through options and costs.


3. The longer the extensions, the more lashes you’ll probably need.

Super-long lashes appear to spread as they extend away from your lid, which can make them look less full than your natural lashes. They are $0.50 a piece and she decided to come back a second time to do 30 more. Shorter extensions cost less the second time.

4. You have to lay low for at least 12 hours after application.

No sweating, no crying, no swimming or washing your face for at least 12 hours. The glue has to dry, and if it doesn’t, it can dissolve in your eye (!), which of course triggers irritation and every unpleasant thing that comes with it.

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