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12 Throwback 90s Trends That Your Parents Never Let You Try Out


Can you even remember what you wanted back in high school? Was it pink hair or nose piercing? I bet your parents didn’ want to hear about it, and you are probably thanking them now. Anyway, some trends were meant to last for a short period of time, but you wanted to do something with your rebellious self so bad! Your parents, on the other hand, were so frustrated with you and you ended up not rocking these awesome trends. Would you like a throwback of what they looked like back then? You may not feel so sorry about not rocking them, or you might just do feel sad.

Here are some cool trends. At least they were cool back then.

1. Bandana shirts

These were a bandana tied in the back to make a revealing shirt that you were never allowed to even think about wearing. Cool!

Bandana Shirts

Source: YouTube | dixiechicksVEVO

2. Super thin brows

Your mom probably never let you tweeze all of your eyebrows off. It was a huge trend though. Now, you thank the heavens that she never let you do that.

Super Thin Brows

Source: Instagram | @nodoubt

3. Navel rings

Did you also want a belly button ring more than anything? Seriously! You probably got a hard no from your parents, though.

Navel Rings

Source:YouTube | BritneySpearsVEVO

4. Pink hair

Avril had a signature pink streak in her hair, and you loved that one like hell! Did you ever get one? I know, me neither.

Pink Hair

Source: The Girls Stuff

5. Nose rings

Maybe your mom did give in, so you had it done at high school, or your first year of college. Now you are probably sorry… Or are you?

Nose Rings

Source: The Chick Fix

6. Tube tops

Britney probably inspired your love for the tube top, and many celebrities were rocking them. But you were in middle school, so it was a no-no for your mommy and daddy.

Tube Tops

Source: Instagram | @popcherryau

7. Whale tails

Manny from Degrassi was surely rocking that famous, rhinestone royal blue thong, but you needed one because you were a real grown-up. Yeah, sure you were!

Whale Tails

Source: Gurl

8. Chunky highlights

Kelly Clarkson was the main inspiration behind this hairstyle. However, your mom wouldn’t even let you dye your hair, let alone do this.

Chunky Highlights

Source: Wikipedia

9. Lace-up jeans

You asked for a pair of these at home and your parents just gave you a laugh. “Nice try!”

Lace-Up Jeans

Source: Instagram | @fearlesleyseeking

10. Super smokey shadow

Oh, those dark eyes! I want them, mommy!

 Super Smokey Shadow

Source: YouTube | CAguileraVEVO

11. Dip-dyed hair

Of course, you wanted a blunt, not blended, teal, or pink, or purple dip-dye. Only because everyone else had it. But you gotta thank your mom for not letting you do it.

 Dip-Dyed Hair

Source: Dans le Lakehouse

12. Low-rise denim

Despite your insisting that you were a grown-up, mom and dad would never let you buy ultra low-rise denim. Well, I couldn’t imagine wearing a pair right now.

Low-Rise Denim

Source: YouTube | BritneySpearsVEVO

For the most nostalgic ones, here are some ’90s flashbacks that used to be so cool back then.

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