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12 Tips For Braiding Your Hair

braided hair

Did you know that people were braiding their hair as far back as 30,000 years ago? There are several archeological artifacts such as figurines discovered at paleolithic excavation sites showing women with braided hair.

In other words, those paleo ladies had style, people!


Braids were also a symbol of social stratification. Lots of information came out of one’s braids, as some hairstyles symbolized a person’s tribe or ethnicity, while some were a symbol of social status.

Horses’ manes and tails were also braided for events such as polo or exhibitions.

In this video presented by Patry Jordan you will find a 12-step tutorial on braiding your own hair in a fishtail or a low-bun braid.


Jordan’s motto is “Do everything easy” and her Youtube channel is full of tips, hacks and tricks that will give you lots of options when choosing a new hairstyle. There, you will also find Do It Yourself videos, makeup tutorials and lots of miscellaneous beauty advice.


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