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12 Totally Irritating Things That ONLY Women Have To Deal With


You will never know in how much struggles women have to put up with in a day totally. Like the most weirdest things, and no matter how much you try to understand them, unless you are a female, you never will. People usually make fun of us when we tell them we broke our nail, or our curls are falling apart. It is a very big deal. HUGE deal. You agree, don’t you? Well, I am sure you can relate to the list I have below for you. Totally the most irritating things ever.

1. When the varnish chips and totally ruins your life

You spent an hour perfectly painting your nails, then you did the dishes and low and behold all that effort has gone to waste. Why do we bother?

totally irritating

2. When the pony tail leaves it’s mark

So now you have to wash your hair, as it will NOT go away.

totally irritating

3. The dreaded ‘Front Bum’

Wear the wrong trousers and low and behold you have a lovely front bum. Take them off, quick, before anyone sees


4. When your bra gives up and you get a sharp dig

You know, when the underwire pings out and stabs you in the chest? What did we do to deserve this?

totally irritating

Running mascara

5. Get caught in the rain, rub your eye, or even walk in the wind and POW your mascara runs right off your lashes and onto your face. Most of the time you don’t even realize until you get home!

totally irritating

6. VPL

We all know the struggle of trying to hide that visible panty line…


7. I just wanna make you sweat.

I know sweating is a completely natural thing and we can’t help it, but still it’s kind of embarrassing, right?

totally irritating

8. Then when we try to avoid it..

THIS happens and i mean it often!


9. Who thought THESE zips were practical?

They are NOT at all.

totally irritating

10.  TOE Cleavage.

Oh my god – This is hideous!


11. When your lipstick is no longer on your lips.

At least we weren’t on the red carpet though…


12. Whenever you decide to wear fake tan and realize it was a HUGE mistake…

Will that come off? Nope. Never. Ever



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