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12 Weird Beauty Hacks That Are Quite Efficient


When life gives you trouble, you often turn out to the Internet to seek help for repairing the damage you’ve made. But, let’s be honest, the Internet is full of ideas that can’t be realized in real life. This is especially true for beauty hacks, as every person is different. The frustration of realizing that the beauty hack does not work for you is terrible for many people. Luckily, there are people who try these hacks out and share them with the world. And most of the time, they do work. It turns out that the weirder the beauty hack, the more efficient it is. Here are some examples of beauty tips that sound weird, but are definitely worth risking.

1. Root fix

Using a q-tip or brush, dab some eye shadow to your exposed roots for a quick on-the-go fix when you haven’t had time to dye your hair yet. You hair will be thankful.

Source: Sunny Simple Life

2. Dryer sheets

Dryer sheets are excellent for your hair! To secure flyaways, just rub a sheet on your hair and style how you want!

Source: My Honeys Place

3. Baby powder is a queen!

For long, full lashes, apply a layer of your favorite mascara, then coat your lashes in baby powder. Once every lash is coated, apply a second coat of mascara.  Wait to see the final result of beautiful eyelashes!

Source: Instagram | @omg755

4. Hot and cold

Heating up your eyeliner will make it glide on like liquid. Freezing it will help keep bits from flaking as you apply it. What an awesome thing to know!

Source: Instagram | @makeoverid

5. Think pink!

Applying a mask of Pepto Bismol to your face gives you tighter skin and a nice glow!

Source: Instagram | @philthyphilm

6. Beer for your hair

Other than the fact that your hair might smell a little bit like beer, this alcoholic beverage strips away all the buildup in your hair and leaves it super soft. Massage a cup of beer into your damp and clean hair, and leave it for five minutes.  Then, rinse!

Source: WikiHow

7. Olive oil for removing makeup

Matte lipstick and smudge-proof eyeliners are hard to get off your skin. Just massage olive oil over your lips and lids and say goodbye to makeup!

Source: Instagram | @souqalhana

8. Toothbrush hack

First, get your toothbrush wet. Then, dip it in some activated charcoal, scrub your teeth for 3-4 minutes, and rinse with cold water. Your teeth will look whiter than ever before!

Source: Instagram | @mrswillicombe

9. Two in one

Draw some eyeliner on your eyelash curler and dress your eyes at the same time as you curl your lashes! This is excellent for those who have a hard time putting eyeliner on.

Source: Beauty Point of View

10. Alternative solution

If you run out of shaving gel, grab your conditioner and stop the harsh razor from scratching your skin.

Source: Instagram | @pearlita1995

11. Soothing exfoliant

To exfoliate your lips gently, put some Vaseline on your toothbrush and scrub. As easy as that.

Source: Instagram | @vaselinebrand

12. Strawberries for your teeth

Grab some strawberries and rub them on your teeth before brushing. The acid breaks down stains and gives you a whiter smile.

Source: Instagram | @tiffalingg
Main image via Instagram / @omg755
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