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12 Clever Ways In Which Zip Ties Can Save Your Day!


Getting a job done using something cheap and easily available instead of an expensive object or device is one of the biggest satisfactions of life. And there are many objects that don’t seem versatile at first glance but are actually usable for much more than their original purpose. Would you believe zip ties are such an object?

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This zip tie hack from DIY geniuses Thaitrick shows how to turn these simple objects into badass tools in 12 clever ways. Nifty!

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Makeshift Zipper Pull

Isn’t it annoying when the zipper on your favorite piece of clothing doesn’t wanna play ball anymore? Try this before you spend a lot of money to repair it.

Simply loop a small-sized zip tie through the metal eye of the zipper, cinch it up and cut the excess part off. Make sure you leave at least an inch of pulling room. This way, a lot of pressure will be taken off of the zipper itself, allowing it far more wear-time.

Temporary Key Chain

You need a makeshift key chain? Just grab a zip tie and make your own!

Hold your keys in a single-file line so that all of the holes are on top of each other. Then, insert the sharp-end of the zip tie into all of them and lock it together. When you find a key chain that you really want, just cut this one open with a pair of scissors.

Zip Tie Shower Curtain Rings

If you don’t have Del Griffith around, you can do your own inexpensive shower curtain rings.

Lay your shower curtain and rod on a flat surface. Attach the zip tie by looping it through the top hole in the shower curtain, then over the rod itself. Secure the tie onto the rod, allowing a bit of give. If you do it properly, the end result might make shower curtain rings obsolete in your household.

Soup Spoon Saver

If your children always manage to drop their spoons into the soup, you know how annoying that becomes after a while. Just a grab a couple of zip ties and you won’t have to pick spoons out of soup bowls ever again.

Take a soup spoon and add a zip tie to the upper end of the handle. Lock tightly, ensuring that the square-shaped area is protruding out to either side. Then, make a cut so that there is no excess plastic hanging out. Then, simply rest it on the bowl rim. Easy!

Check out the video for the rest of these smart, handy hacks!

Source:Thaitrick , tiphero

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