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13 Celebrity Conspiracy Theories That Are Totally Bonkers

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The celebrity world is full of weird stories. It’s such a strange and unattainable land of mystery and wonder. Sometimes we, the mere mortals, will never completely understand. Therefore the internet users are free to create conspiracy theories. Many of those fantastical conspiracy theories will even leave you feeling pretty hopeless about the future of our species.

1. Miley Cyrus is actually dead!?



Some people just went along for the conspiracy ride. They claim  Miley’s body was found out in the desert east of L.A. a few years back. Allegedly a news station called KCAL reported the incident. Internet trolls still maintain that Disney replaced Miley with another actress who had to undergo tons of plastic surgeries to look like Miley.

2. George Bush is responsible for Britney Spears insanity.



Britney Spears went a bit nuts in 2007. When her divorce to Kevin Federline was finalized, she shaved her head, and her kids were taken away in 2008. Conspiracy theorists say that her infamous breakdown was orchestrated by the Bush administration. Allegedly Bush paid her to avert several PR disasters.

3. Solange is Beyonce’s child, not her sister.



According to the internet trolls, there is a supposed cover-up involving Beyonce’s first child.  They came up with a theory that Blue Ivy is not Beyonce’s first child. Solange is and she lied about being five years younger than the singer, and is actually a full 14 years younger. This theory is even weirder because it came from Beyonce’s cousin.

4. Keanu Reeves.



There is a theory about Keanu Reeves. According to theory, the actor is immortal. Hilariously there is an entire website dedicated to outing The Matrix star’s secret which suggests that he was once Charlemagne and Paul Monet.

5. Bob Marley was killed by the CIA.



We all know the legend, Bob Marley died of a malignant melanoma found underneath his toenail. But there is a conspiracy theory which says that the US government hated a lot of musicians, especially black soul musicians. After the CIA failed to end Marley’s life by shooting him, a CIA agent sent Marley’s son a pair of shoes with a copper nail in the boot which infected him with cancer.

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