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13 DIY Decorations For The Best Halloween Party Ever!



Halloween is by far the most exciting holiday of the year. So many activities, so many costumes to choose from, parties to go to, and decorations to enjoy making!

The internet is full of ideas on how to make this Halloween more memorable than the last and we’ve gathered some for you because we are crazy about Halloween.

Now, let’s see.

1. You can carve foam pumpkins.

Don’t get messy with the real thing. These are dry so you can use them to store candy, and they won’t go bad so you can use them for next year, just like your reusable Christmas decorations every year.


Source: via By Stephanie Lynn

2. Lighting is everything.

Get some string and LED light sticks and where you can hang those cheap hats you  find in every supermarket during Halloween season. You can also use glowsticks.


Source: via Polkadot Chair

3. Make candy corn out of paper plates.

Whether you like the taste of candy corn or not, it is a Halloween classic that can inspire some bright bunting for a cheerful party.


Source: via One Good Thing by Jillee

4. Three words: Fang napkin holders!


Source: via Writings of a Mrs Mommy

5. Create some ambiance.

Who knew tin cans could look so pretty? Just punch your design into them with a nail and paint them black.


Source: via Jolly Mom

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