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13 Dumbest Cheaters That Sent The Message To The Wrong Person


Being in a relationship isn’t always easy. Especially if you are in one just for fun. Then, usually, you are not aware you are hurting the other one. And it takes patience, dedication, and a lot of understanding to endure a loving relationship, too. Some people just choose the shortcut and cheat on their partners. These people are real players, though. They would do just anything not to get caught, but that’s what makes up for their end, eventually. Its the most hilarious when they get exposed on social media, too. Thinking they are sneaky and smart, but in fact, they sent the wrong message. And they will be punished.

Of course, the Internet finds this not less than hilarious and not at all painful, but let’s take a moment and look at these “sufferers” who got caught in the act.

1. The old ‘I still love you’ lie! SO old it doesn’t work anymore.


2. ‘I love you’ cannot save you, ‘little’ pal!


And why did you put *sighs* in the first place?

3. Never let family get in the way of your cheating commitments. Sooner or later, they will bring you down…


Who’s Jenny? Is that your sister?

4. Can you pay more attention now? You need to check to whom you are sending those messages…


5. How many Marks are there in your life to make such a mistake?


6. Uncle Joe is in a big mess.

What do you think it will happen in the end?


7. When you’re being cheated on, but someone has your back


When waiting is the worst…

8. Be careful what you do, because girls have a different notion of revenge…

And that sometimes means breaking your Xbox.


9. Sometimes lying more will only throw you in deeper and the truth will set you free!


10. When it’s awkward, just accept it


All because of misunderstandings…

11. When you break up with somebody, hold on to their number


You can become creative all of a sudden and you need that perfect revenge… Just in case!

12. Your parents are like your heroes growing up, but then, something like this happens…


I’ll take the global warming, seems easy enough.

13. Sorry, wrong number!


A new level of awkward…


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