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13 Facts About Amy Schumer And Her Movie Trainwreck


One of the funniest that has hit the big screens a few years back is the comedy Trainwreck directed by Judd Apatow.


The film stars and is written by the hilarious Amy Schumer.


The 35-year-old actress is always in the spotlight, being one of the most active users of social media, constantly giving us the giggles with her witty and hilarious comments.

Furthermore, she has been on the cover of numerous magazines and is the author of several books.


Amy is a straightforward woman who always speaks her mind.

Trainwreck is a film that you can not get tired of, even if you’ve watched it more than once.

In addition, there are some interesting stuff that happened behind the scenes and we can not wait to share them with you!


1. Cheerleading


Amy practiced with a cheerleading squad for a whole two months! The actress admitted it was one of the hardest thing she did in her life.

2. Childhood


Some moments in the film are based on Amy’s childhood.

Her dad suffers from multiple sclerosis, so she decided to depict that in the movie in order to help children going through similar things.

3. Lebron’s helper


Most of Lebron James’ lines were created by famous actor and comedian Chris Rock

4. The boss


At first Amy wanted a “Tilda Swinton type” of boss in the movie, and it was a strange turn of events that she actually ended up playing the role!

5. Sex scenes


John Cena had to practice their sex scene with a male stunt double.

6. Connections


Judd Apatow got the idea of working with Amy after he heard her in an interview with Howard Stern.

7. Laughing Out Loud


Judd was cracking up when he first met Amy and he couldn’t stop laughing while they were talking about the struggles with her dad’s illness.

8. Coincidence


Amy actually had Judd Apatow in mind as dirtector when she wrote the script.

9. The set-ups


Judd set up Bill and Amy to go on a dinner to see how the two of them will connect.

10. The famous first kiss


Aaron’s story about his first kiss is actually inspired by Bill’s first kiss in real life.

11. The picture that took the internet by storm


The mega-popular photo of the star of Harry Potter walking a squad of dogs came from this film!

12. Convincing Lebron


Amy was adamant in having Lebron James in her movie. She made an effort and wrote the type of Tom Ford suits he would be wearing in the movie.

13. Emotions on set


As Amy reported, it was very difficult shooting the fighting scenes with Brie Larson’s character. These scenes were very intense and emotional due to the fact that Brie’s character is actually a reflection of Amy’s real life sister.

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