13 Hacks You Didn’t Know You Could Do in Your Hotel Room

13 Hacks You Didn’t Know You Could Do in Your Hotel Room


Hotel rooms can ruin anyone’s trip. Regardless if it’s an important business trip, a romantic weekend or a fun-filled family adventure, rooms are make-it-or-break-it. Heck, even five-star resorts don’t provide you with every detail needed for a comfortable trip. And as they say, the devil is in the details. So, pssst, kid, you need some hacks?

After all, staying in a hotel means you are missing out on all the small features you’ve assembled at home to make your day-to-day life easier! Delivering on-the-go, economical tips and tricks is Tiphero‘s forte – and we share a bunch of awesome ones with you today. Hopefully, these will make your next travel experience just that much more pleasant. Without further ado, here are 13 surprising ways you can hack your hotel room:

1. Turn your sink into a laundry basin


You didn’t bring enough clothes and you’re all out of clean ones? Don’t fret! Put a few coins in a plastic bag and drop the bag down the drain. This little DIY plug will act as a water-stopper for your make-shift laundry basin. Next, just rub the stains away with one of those complimentary bars of soap.

2. That icky remote? Put a plastic bag over it.

tua38269 via Instagram

Newsflash: Hotel maids don’t go out of their way to sanitize remote controls. They’re simply too busy! To ensure that you aren’t catching what the last guest had, simply encase the remotes in Ziploc bags. Smart!

3. Fasten your curtains with a hanger


We all know that hateful feeling when AM sunlight pokes us with a laser right in our eye. It’s especially traumatizing after a long night out on the town, which is a common occurrence while traveling, along with a heavy hangover. You don’t need that. And here’s how you slay that particular dragon – take a hanger, fasten curtains with it. DONE. ZZZzzzzz….

4. What’s the difference between a sink and a refrigerator? Ice.

kool_karlo via Instagram

You got this.

5. Microwaves are for losers.

The Lonely Planet

Did you know that you can make soup in a coffee maker, and even fry an egg on an iron? Of course you didn’t – but now you do, thanks to us! Just pack along some foil, utensils, and ingredients, and you’ll be feasting in no time! PS – Try not to stain the hotel room walls while at it.

6. Babyproof your room with this tape

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Babies are pokey things. They like to crawl and poke around at things – sometimes, dangerous things. This blue “painter’s” tape can be used to gather rogue cables, cover electrical outlets, and even secure drawers. No parent should travel without a roll of this tape!

7. Need a luggage divider?

The Krazy Coupon Lady

Now, I usually use up all my spare – and clean – plastic or paper bags I hoarded from all that shopping. But if you ran out of those – no problem—just use those complimentary shower cap.

8. Craft a DIY humidifier


Just because you are vacationing in a dry climate doesn’t mean you have to wake up to burning sinuses and dry skin! Instead, make your very own ‘humidifier’ – hang a wet towel near the room’s A/C or fan unit. This simple act will instantly add moisture to the air.

9. Need a stepstool? Use a trashcan.

thetalentedmrsrippey via Instagram

Hotel bathrooms weren’t exactly designed to accommodate little people, were they? Well, here’s a simple hack for you Hobbits: Instead of lifting your kids up to reach the sink, just lay a towel on the floor and place an upside down trash can on top of it. And of course – make sure the bin is sturdy before use!

10. A single clothespin goes a long way

Goats on the Road

Eeeewww! Hate the idea of your toothbrush touching that questionable bathroom sink? Me too. But instead of throwing your bristles to the wolves, prop it up far away from the dirt with a small clothespin!

11. What did we say about microwaves again?


crowdermusic via Instagram

This is hands-down the best way to re-heat pizza in a hotel room. With a foil covered iron and a hair dryer, you’re entering Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles territory of coolness indeed. Now, they lived in a sewer, but hey… Don’t judge us!

12. De-wrinkle your clothing without touching an iron

Little Advices

As we already saw, irons are for cooking and heating up pizza leftovers. For clothes, use this hack: hang your wrinkled item on a hanger near your hot morning shower and — voila! — you’ll be met with a perfectly smooth, wrinkle-free piece of clothing. Win!

13. Loudspeakers are for losers too

roomiesconnect via Instagram

Did you know that simply placing your phone in a ceramic mug or glass cup will instantly increase your phone speaker’s volume? Of course you did. We’re just reminding you of this… questionably useful hack.

Source: tiphero

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