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13 Heartwarming Sketches To Show Love Is In Imperfect Things


The really busy life style these days can somehow distract us to make time for our loved ones. But for the young love birds, love exists in the little things they do. Those things can sometimes be perfect sometimes not, but they definitely seem to be the best for these couples.

Curtis Wiklund tried to capture the intimate moments spent by a couple in their daily life, by making these drawings for his girlfriend. The girlfriend who turned into his wife and the mother of his child.

1. Night time routine.
In the peaceful night time, the couple is busy doing their own things but never leaving each other’s side.

2. It’s like having a sleepover with your best friend every night.
Only the best thing ever!

3. When it’s budget cutting time.
Both partners contribute equally to save for the month.

4. Sometimes interrogation goes out of hand.
It’s an entirely natural thing that happens in a couple’s life.

5. When it’s cold season.
Both of them will sit together and care for each other

6. Falling asleep on his shoulder is probably the best feeling ever.

7. Love is also looking ugly together.

8. Relying on somebody for your problems is simply amazing.

Plus you get a free backrub too.

9. When she’s not there, I forget to eat or drink.
Just because he misses her too much.

10. Fighting over silly things.
But cuddling to makeup is simply sweet too

11. Watching season finales and getting emotional together

12. That beautiful pregnancy announcement.

13. No matter what, you’ll always be my Valentine!

Source : Curtis Wiklund Drawings , drawings365

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