13 Hilarious Classroom Snapchats Taken By Secretive Millennials

13 Hilarious Classroom Snapchats Taken By Secretive Millennials

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I hate Snapchat. Every time I install it, I end up uninstalling it a day later. You could say that my relationship with Snapchat is analogous to my disposition towards one-night-stands: it looks attractive at first, but it always ends with huge regret!

But then again, I’m not a teen, and today’s teens seem to be… Using, Snapchat? I’m not even sure ‘using’ is the appropriate word here. What they’re doing is pretty useless.

Anyways, I won’t pretend I understand any of this! Here’s a ton of useless Snapchats taken during class, thanks to Ranker. Hope you enjoy.


1. Someone got caught sleeping.

Who’s your friend who would of done this!

2. It’s the perfect camouflage. Maybe she should patent this and sell it to the military for tons of $$$$?

Has this ever happened to you??

3. No one will notice this kid isn’t there anymore.

Tag your classmate who does that!

4. Basically, this anatomy class lesson was on the topic of headbanging.

Who else has done this?

5. Textbooks always lend themselves for some hilarious remixing!


6. Millennials HAVE TO Snapchat about fashion, ugh!

Isn’t this funny?

7. Which means that Dora found you too. Imagine what she’ll do to you! I bet it won’t end with snapchats!


8. If Miley Cyrus ever wondered what she’ll look like when she gets old, here’s the answer.

DO you think Miley Cyrus would look like this when she’ll get old?

9. No, it doesn’t. I INSIST!


10. These snapchats are much wow!

We all have that one friend who wears clothes like this!

11. Oh, it’s not an ordinary pencil bag, it’s actually VERY expensive. Smirk smirk.


12. Basically, this was me when I was a kid.

Not just a kid but also as a student, some people do the same! Who’s your friend?

13. Please, for the love of millennials, Snapchat something else!


Source: ranker

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