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No One Noticed These Movie Mistakes


Movies are our favorite thing to watch. Knowing how much work is put into them, we never think there might be some mistakes. But, we are here to prove you wrong. Actually there are lots of them. From firing arrows badly, to changing eye colors, to candles on string, some of these big budget movies have the simplest mistakes. Did you spot any of them while watching these movies?

1. Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone

If you watch really close, you can clearly see the wires keeping the candles up.

Source: via Movie Pilot

2. Pirates of the Caribbean

Behind Captain Jack  there is a man with a cowboy hat. Cowboys vs Pirates, anyone?


Source: via The Sun

3. The Hobbit & Lord of the Rings

Legolas’ eye color changes from movie to movie. We find this very confusing..


Source: via The Annex

4. Django Unchained

Django wears a really cool pair of sunglasses throughout the movie. Unfortunately, sunglasses weren’t introduced until almost 60 years after the movies takes place. Weird?


Source: via Dead Shirt

5. Pulp Fiction

This is legendary. Before the room is shot up, there are bullet holes in the wall.


Source: via The Richest

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