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13 People People Who Had Ideas And The Internet Noticed


Now and then we get so bored with people and our surroundings that it makes tired enough to want to pack our bags, buy a one way ticket to a deserted island and move there.  But most of us won’t really do it. Think of the part where you need to capture your meals and make buddies playing volleyball. You already feel exhausted, don’t you?

However, here are a few people who most likely could, without batting an eye, as provided by Diply.

1. The Motivational Speaker

There is certainly a career as a motivational speaker for this person, if they can only do all of their speeches in all caps like this. But that would mean constant yelling wouldn’t it? Seems tiring.

source: Instagram | @thebestoftumblrofficial

2. The Word-Inventor

Without a doubt this is a person who will accept no excuses and one who truly believes in getting the task accomplished, even if it means inventing new words.What you’ve got here may be a precious lesson to never give up no matter the circumstances.


source : Instagram

3.The Compassionate

Whoever made this is a pure genius. There is one issue though. Some of these poor buggers are not even aware they are dead. (Tough luck, dabbing)
Also, no one seems to care for the departed  Radio Shack? No one really cared about it even in life, but whatever.

source : Instagram | @tank.sinatra

4. The Guy with the sandals

No one will ever dare to steal something from this guy, that for sure. Can you imagine how much he loved his sandals, unconditionally. Talking about true love.
Don’t do this if you have a plane to catch, you might miss your niece’s wedding.

source: Instagram | @kontheabstract

5.The Peacemaker

When he becomes and adult, this kid will solve all arguments and end all fights.
So he needs to grow up as soon as possible because there is a red button in a briefcase somewhere, that no one would like to see pushed.

source: Instagram | @kalesalad

6. The Fun Guy

It’s a classic dad joke that is so bad, it’s actually good. This guy needs some gamma rays and he’ll be uncontrollable.
In that case I would not want to be in his kid’s shoes. Especially risking staying out after curfew.

source: Instagram

7. The How Guy

How do you even get your hand stuck in a speaker, in the first place ? Also, why?

This picture desperately needs context.

It definitely takes some extra driving skills , getting yourself to the hospital with one hand. He has definitely seen all the Fast and Furious movies.


source: Instagram | @kalesalad

8. The please-don’t-ask-stupid-questions Mum

I’ll certain this mother never needed to set down this particular law, but she is doing it like a pro. Listen to your mother she is always right. If she tells you not to ask stupid questions then don’t.


source: Instagram | @kalesalad

9. The Smart Kid

You’ve got to admit this one is actually pretty funny. This kid deserves an award, not detention.

source: Instagram | @b0mbtweets

10. The Narcissist

Haha, I love how this guy doesn’t beat around the bush.
This man knows his worth and he definitely respects himself.

Besides giving three weeks notice? He is also considerate and sensitive. The perfect employee.

source: Instagram | @menshumor

11. The Kid who was a fart for Halloween

It’s amazing to see parents who respect the child’s wishes no matter how irrational or embarrassing they are. Kids can be creative and original, so why not.
Also I love how the parents included little megaphone because whats the point of  being a fart if you can’t make the sounds? Its not logical.

source: Instagram | @wot_u_sayin_tho

12. The Horror Genre Fan

Someone has been watching a lot of horror movies lately.

Not much use of them in a zombie apocalypse, so unless you’re literally cutting down a tree, there’s no reason to bother with it. It’s still good to be curious.


source: Instagram | @menshumor

13.The make-up guru

Who said shower caps can only be used for your hair. This girl has some imagination.

You have to give her that.

However, wouldn’t be better if she showered first then did her make- up?


source:Twitter | @makeup_memes
Source: Diply

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