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13 reasons why your eyeliner looks terrible


If you have a problem having impeccable look like Kim Kardashian, Shay Mitchell or like some other celebrity it can be because your eyeliner isn’t as perfect as it should be. Eyeliner is the crucial part of the makeup. It defines the windows of your soul, and if you are applying it wrong, then you have to learn how to do it in a correct way. Partick Ta who is a celebrity makeup artist explained what are the most common mistakes we are making when applying eyeliner.

1. Check if your eyeliner is sharp if it’s dull then your line will be messy.


Patrick advises that pencil sharpener is must – have in your makeup bag. Eyeliner has to be precise and dull tip is going to leave uneven application.

2. Your eyeliner is transferring onto your eyelid.


If you have mono-lids, to solve this problem you have to increase the height of your liner. Make sure that the line is still visible when you open your eyes. This way the liner will not transfer onto your skin when you open your eye.

3. Don’t use colored eyeliner to line your whole eye, doesn’t look good.


Decide are you going to use colored eyeliner only on your upper or lower lash line for a powerful look.

4. Your liner isn’t symmetrical


Make some pointer dots and start with thin lips. It’s easier to build up. If you think you have done it too thick, you can use cotton tip swab with oil based makeup remover to take some of the eyeliner with precision.


5.Liquid liner is too wet for the lower lids.


Use just pencil for the lower lash line. It will not melt down your face.

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