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13 Things You Didn’t Know About Steven Yeun



The Walking Dead is an incredible show, and Steven Yeun was part of it from day one. People love his character Glenn because he was the life of the bunch. His character did not have to address his etnicity, as he was simply – Glenn. Resourceful, witty and compassionate, his character grew so much on the show, and audiences love him.

Here’s some stuff you might find interesting about him.


1. He went to North Korea with Conan O’Brien.


Source: via Hollywood Reporter | Koogle

2. He’s a smart guy. He was supposed to go to med school.

He started acting when he was studying psychology at Kalamazoo College in Kalamazoo, Michigan. Yes, this exists.


Source: via Giphy

3. He was part of Stir Friday Night  – a sketch comedy group made up of Asian Americans.

He RULES with improv.


Source: via Moviepilot

4. He admitted that he, TOO, hated Lori on The Walking Dead.

High-five, Glenn. High-five.


Source: via Giphy

5. He was Sheldon’s roommate, Sebastian, before Leonard.

One of his first roles on TV was in 2010 when he showed up in The Big Bang Theory’s episode, “Staircase Implementation.”


Source: via Tumblr / kanempi

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