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13 Useful Tricks How To Avoid Fashion Mistakes That Make You Look Older


Fashion can be a double-edged sword, since on the one hand when clothes are worn correctly they can help us look more great but small mistakes can also make us age instantly.

We have made a list of several common fashion mistakes for you to be aware of when choosing your outfits that will help you look good instead of old.

1.Too much black is not fashionable

We agree that black is a wonderful color that not only makes us look classy and leaner. It is is a color that can be used for almost any occasion. However, if you wear it too much it can look appalling. Instead, try to combine your black outfit with a bright accessory, a scarf a necklace or earrings which may add contrast to the black and hence make you look younger.

2.Wearing wrong-size bra

You won’t believe it but the wrong bra can make you look shorter, older and heavier. Nobody wants that right? Here is the simple solution. Renew your bra every six or eight months and check your measurements once a year to see if your are still up to date with your size. Women’s bodies undergoes lots of changes, thus hormonal changes, weight loss or gain affect the breast size..

3.Choose the right length for your skirt

If you have problematic knees you don’t want to show, a long skirt may be the perfect solution. Nevertheless, the long skirt can make you look a little dated. The solution is actually very simple; find the slimmest area around your knee, now that is the area where your hemline should hit. Midi-skirts may be a solution too, however you should be extra careful when choosing one because they can be a bit tricky too.


4. Choose the right glasses

When shopping for glasses, choose the frame wisely. If your frame is dark and thick you may want to reconsider. If they are geeky, sparkly or embellished with jewels they will definitely make you look older. Instead, we advise that you choose neon-colored frames or other more delicate frame models.


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