14 Assumptions About Kylie Jenner's Alleged Pregnancy

14 Assumptions About Kylie Jenner’s Alleged Pregnancy

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The alleged rumors about the 20-year-old reality star Kylie Jenner’s pregnancy bombshelled almost everyone. After news broke about her carrying rapper Travis Scott’s baby, she nearly broke the Internet.

Although this queen of a cosmetics empire is yet to publicly announce that she is expecting, it is presumed that the pair will be welcoming a baby girl. Supposedly, she is due in February, and has been keeping a low-profile as of late. Instead of sharing selfies, she has been focused on promoting her fall line for ‘Kylie Cosmetics’.

Sadly for all those desperately waiting to see the first baby-bump pictures, the youngest of the Kardashian clan is adapting to a life of privacy.

Regardless what the truth may be, check out these 14 assumptions about this shocking pregnancy scandal.

Is Kylie actually Kim’s surrogate?

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Ever since the pregnancy rumors started circulating, many people began wondering about the possibility that Kylie is actually her sister Kim’s surrogate. Regardless of how weird it may actually sound, it’s certainly possible. The famous reality star Kim Kardashian suffered two difficult pregnancies and decided on a surrogate this time.

In one scene of an episode of the reality show Keeping Up With The Kardashians, Kim asked her other sister Khloe, 33, if she would ever consider being her surrogate. Presumably, this is where the idea of Kylie being a surrogate originated from. Yet, only a possible future announcement can disclose this mystery.

Tyga claims he’s the baby’s father

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Before Travis Scott, 25, there was a Tyga. The famous rapper, 27, started dating Kylie not so long after her 16th birthday. And probably as a result of their age difference, they haven’t made it official until her 18th birthday when they were pictured holding hands together.

Back then, people made a lot of unnecessary fuss given that Tyga was already a father to a child he had with Blac Chyna, 29. Things got even more complicated when it was announced that Kylie’s brother Rob Kardashian, 30, was expecting a daughter with the former stripper.

And that’s when everyone began to assume that Tyga was after Kylie’s money, aiming to rinse her bank account. Whatever the truth was, they ended their relationship in May 2016.

Shortly after the rumors that Kylie is pregnant with Scott’s first child surfaced, the baby daddy drama began.

Tyga posted a picture of Kylie on Snapchat with a devil emoji’s, captioning “Hell nah that’s my kid”. Soon after, for reasons unknown, he deleted the snap.

Whether he was just being bitter because he lost the chance to have a millionaire baby-mama, or if he’s just purely being jealous, he successfully managed to make people ask even more questions.

Is Kris Jenner behind this speculation, in order to promote her reality show ‘KUWTK’?

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If this speculation is true, then the 61-year-old TV personality is plain genius.

Soon after the news came out, many people tweeted that Kylie Jenner’s pregnancy is a hoax constructed by the mother-of-six in order to make it a top story.

Her reality show Keeping Up With The Kardashians continuously experiences a slight decrease of viewers as the seasons are airing. Due to this fact, it’s totally plausible she might have come up with the idea to put her youngest daughter Kylie in the spotlight.

Nonetheless, who would consider this potential move as outrageous, when we’re talking about the same woman who purportedly released her oldest daughter’s sex tape in order to gain publicity.

Perez Hilton suggests Kylie should get an abortion

In a YouTube video, a celebrity blogger Perez Hilton discussed  Kylie’s reported pregnancy. While expressing his doubt about her relationship and making allegations that her pregnancy is “great for business,” Perez also said that mom Kris Jenner, should definitely tell her daughter to get an abortion.

He said: “I love life, I love babies, but if I was Kris Jenner I’d tell her to get an abortion.”

Then he assumed:“Kylie Jenner and Travis Scott are not going to last. They’re not going to end up happily ever after. They’re having a baby and they barely even know each other.”

Later he added: “My heart goes out to that poor unborn child. But from a business point of view this is great for business. It’s all sorts of crazy.”

Everyone has a right to state his/her opinion, but Hilton definitely crossed boundaries. Rather uncalled for, to tell Kylie what she should or should not do with her body.

Kylie always wanted to be a young mom


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Kylie has always expressed her desire to have children in her early ’20s.
In an interview with Paper Magazine, she stated this fact while also adding that by her opinion, starting a family in the 30s is actually too late.

After all, let’s hope she will have her wish granted.

Did we miss Kylie’s hint back in August?

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After the shocking revelation, Kylie’s fans are doing their best to at least try and find some clues about her alleged pregnancy in her recent posts on social media.

I guess we’ve all seen her countless poses on her Instagram pictures. Especially the one called “The Bambi” in which you pop out your booty and give an over-the-shoulder look.
Moreover, fans are making a guess that she gave an actual hint about her pregnancy when she posted a mirror selfie with her finger pointing her tummy.

A planned or unplanned pregnancy?


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In reality, it’s none of our business whether Jenner was using birth control or not, or whether her pregnancy was planned or unplanned.

Allegedly, Travis has been in bed with Kendell Jenner

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Kylie’s boyfriend Travis, is said to have dated Rihanna, 29, at some point. It’s rumored that the Pop and R&B singer called Kylie “tasteless” as she hooked up with her ex that soon.

As you may recall, it’s believed that the rapper had a brief fling with Kylie’s sister last year as well.

The pair has two cute matching butterfly tattoos

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On Snapchat, the pair showed off their matching butterfly tattoos on their ankles, proving they’re deeply in love, no matter what people may say about their relationship.
Coupled with this fact, Travis also released a song called “Butterfly effect”, the concept being that small things can have large effects.

On 12th June this year, another possible clue was the rapper’s tweet, “Legit the happiest day of my life.” He also posted a picture of him and Kylie coming out of a private jet.

Nowadays, many people argue this might be the day he found out Kylie is expecting their first child.

The Godparent will probably be Kylie’s best friend Jordyn

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To no one’s surprise, Kylie’s best friend Jordyn will probably be the one who’ll do the honors. She is a plus size agency’s model and is the daughter of L.A socialite Elizabeth Woods.

For many years, she is as close as a sister to the reality star.

Kylie’s been posting old pictures and messing with us

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Kylie Jenner is recently making some smart moves which successively cloud every possible guess anyone can make about her assumed pregnancy.

With her old selfies she manages to hide her actual weight which has obviously been increasing for these couple of months. Also, let’s not forget the enormous plus-sized baggy clothes she recently wears in public, with which she probably hides her baby bump.

She already made a pregnancy prank

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The famous Jenner sisters, Kendall and Kylie successfully pranked the whole internet couple of years ago. Back then, Kylie was dating Tyga and her older sister Kendall, 21, posted a picture with a peculiar caption on Twitter. It was a picture of a positive pregnancy test along with the description “I don’t care what anybody says. Congrats @Tyga”. Following this, Kylie immediately stepped in and shut the rumors down by stating the obvious fact that she was not at all pregnant.

Is she getting the daughter she always wanted?

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As I mentioned earlier, it’s believed that Kylie and Travis are expecting a baby girl.

Once, when Kylie was asked about kids, she gave an honest reply. She said: “I’m getting a lot of questions about kids – how many kids I want, do I want kids? I do want kids. Having sisters is the best. I have a different relationship with each of them. I go to Kim for fashion advice, Khloe is always boy and family advice, and Kourtney is like another mother to me.” She even said that if she looks at her future, she wants a ‘million’ girls.

Will she leave the Showbiz forever and ever?

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In spite of the fact that Kylie once confessed that she’ll leave the Showbiz for good the day she starts a family, we’ll have to only wait and see if she sticks up to it.

The youngest of the Kardashian clan always desired to escape the limelight. She told the “Elle” magazine that she would love to build a farm house somewhere in Malibu Canyon and spend her days being around her kids. Would she truly manage to start a new life as an ordinary person in spite of her tremendous net worth and her constantly-blossoming cosmetic company? Once again, we’ll have to wait and see.

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