14 Behind The Scene Images That Reveal The Truth About Some Of The Most Amazing Shots Ever


Have you ever seen a movie scene or pictures that left you wondering, how they shot it?

With the evolution of  technology, we all have a smartphone with a camera on it. We only need a second to make a photo. That’s why we can’t really understand how difficult it is, and what required for the perfect shot. Most of us imagine the photographer taking random shots and then playing with them in photoshop.

It’s not only the lens and the camera and a bit of photoshop, but the photographer also needs a lot of expensive equipment. It’s amazing how many people are working on the set with the photographer to create one single breathtaking image. They all have to make sure the composition is exactly as it should be. Also to make a perfect light and many other technical details.

Once you see these 14 pictures you will appreciate and value the work of the photographers even more. They are the perfect example of the incredible effort that goes behind the camera.

1. Floating burger shot


2.Dreamy underwater shot


3. Floating through surrealism shot


4. Jaw dropping shot under water



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