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14 Celebrities Who Would Look Stunning With Tattoos


There is still no clear consensus on tattoos around the world today. Although they have increasingly been accepted as a legitimate way of self-expression, there is still a considerable stigma attached to inking one’s body. The number of companies who wouldn’t employ a person with a visible tattoo is still large.

The word tattoo permeated the English language through the diaries of the legendary explorer Captain James Cook who brought it back from the conquest of Tahiti and New Zealand in 1769.

Although some scholars believed that the wider use of tattoos in the western world also started with Captain Cook’s voyage and his interaction with the Maori, this myth has largely been debunked. It is important to understand that although tattoos have existed all over the world in different forms and guises since ancient times, never before our time have they had any other connotation except tribal, subversive or criminal.

In her paper An Ironic Fad: The Commodification and Consumption of Tattoos published in The Journal of Popular Culture in 2006, sociologist Mary Kosut writes that “America has become a tattooed nation” ever since tattoos have become visible in the public sphere.

Kosut ponders upon the paradigm change in our societies today where “actors, models, musicians and idolized athletes proudly herald the mainstreaming of a previously marginalized and historically underground practice”. That is why the generations whose memory doesn’t stretch before the mid-nineties have such a radically different perception of tattoos in comparison to their parents.

However as with regular people, there are still many actors, sportsmen and musicians who haven’t decided to decorate their bodies with a tattoo – some have admitted to being afraid of the pain while some have decided to remain passive appreciators of tattoo art.

We’ve found twelve that we believe would look stunning with a tattoo or two on their bodies.

1. Emilia Clarke

The London-born actress would be a real English Rose out of a Paul Weller song with this piece of artwork


Source: Instagram | @inkedornot

2. Matthew Santoro

This Canadian who swapped an accounting job for Youtube fame asked Twitter who would look better with a tattoo: him…


Source: Instagram | @inkedornot

3. …or PewDiePie?

So which one do you prefer: the Swedish web video producer’s neck rose and cheekbone thunderbolt or Santoro’s symmetrical tattoo on both arms?


Source: Instagram | @inkedornot

4. James Rodriguez

The Colombian football sensation whose name is pronounced ˈxames and not ˈdʒeɪmz could use some of this.


Source: Instagram | @inkedornot

5. Kim Kardashian

When asked if she had any tattoos, Kim replied “Honey, would you put a bumper sticker on a Bentley?”

Still, one can always dream…


Source: Instagram | @inkedornot

6. Emily Ratajkowski

Stunning Emily, stunning flowers.


Source: Instagram | @inkedornot

7. Cristiano Ronaldo

The Real Madrid star has never gotten any tattoos because he regularly donates blood twice a year, in addition to numerous others charity endeavors.


Source: Instagram | @inkedornot

8. Taylor Swift

The henna-style tattoo would match her lip piercings impeccably. Go for it, Taylor!


Source: Instagram | @inkedornot

9. Selena Gomez

Seems like someone out there wants to see Selena with seven different tattoos on her body. Chill out dude, let her do one for a start.


Source: Instagram | @inkedornot

10. Kendall Jenner

Will Kendall be the first one from the Jenner-Kardashian klan to get a tattoo?


Source: Instagram | @inkedornot

11. Kit Harington

You thought The London-born actor couldn’t possibly get any cuter?

Well, check this out.


Source: Instagram | @inkedornot

12. Cara Delevingne

Ms. Delevingne has a little spot of ink but we hardly consider that a tattoo. Come on, Cara, give us the real deal!


Source: Instagram | @inkedornot

13. Alexander Ludwig

Someone has decided to add an elaborate front tattoo below the Canadian actor’s baby-face and it looks fantastic.


Source: Instagram | @inkedornot

14. Beyoncé

Badass as always.


Source: Instagram | @inkedornot
Main Image via Instagram | @inkedornot

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