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Movie Stars With Their Hot Body Doubles


Have you had nightmares about having a twin that takes over your life? Well, nightmares can become real if you start looking for your double. Many people have reported that they’ve found a person who looks exactly like them. And although this creeps me out, these people make good salaries acting as body doubles in movies. Yes. Did you think actors always show up for a scene? That’s what their ‘twins’ are here for. Check out these incredible doppelgangers of celebrities who may give you a weird feeling of wanting to find your own.

1. The Rock (Dwayne Johnson) and his bulky pastel-suit-wearing brother in Pain & Gain.

Even their eyebrows are acting in the same way.


Source: Huffington Post

2. Mr. Chris Pratt and Mr. Chris Pratt #2.

There is not need for photoshop here, am I right? Oh, the wonders of nature.


Source: Atchuup

3. Johnny Depp and his Captain Jack “Latte” Sparrow

So that’s where the rum went…


Source: NY Daily News

4. Great Odin’s ghost! Chris Hemsworth and his Thor body double.

This is just more than incredible.


Source: Suggest

But, wait, there is more?

5. Jennifer Lopez and her MALE stunt double who starred in the music video for “Follow the leader.”



Source: Suggest

6. Andrew Garfield and his Spider-Man superdouble.

Nice haircut!


Source: Hola!

7. The irreplaceable Zac Efron and his body double, looking all confused.


Source: Atchuup

8. Emilie Clarke and her Mother of Dragons, Rosie Mac!

Does she look even more beautiful than the Mother of Dragons? Some have said it, you decide.



9. Game Of Thrones actor Peter Dinklage has his own smiley body double!


Source: Weirwood Leviathan Express

10. Emma Watson and her Hermione body double.

Looking happier than ever.


Source:Potterhead Mania

11. Ron Weasley has yet another sibling, apparently.


Source:Potterhead Mania

12. Robert Pattinson and his Edward Cullen doppelganger.

They’re rocking the pale look!


Source:The Frisky

13. Michael Douglas and Mike Runyard for Ant-Man.


Source: Atchuup

Just WOW!

14. And finally Chandler Riggs with his stunt double for Walking Dead.


Source:Huffington Post
Main and collage images via Huffington Post

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