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14 Fabulous Manicures You Need To Try Right Away


All the collectors of nail polishes and all the nail divas gather to read this. Probably, you have tried all the nail polish colors, but maybe some of them just didn’t do it for you. Or, maybe you never have time to dedicate yourself for hours to perfecting those complicated manicures. Being glamorous sometimes can mean you hit a “writer’s block” when it comes to your nails.
It seems like you have seen it all before. Whatever you choose, you end up being bored and you look at your nails every time, trying to think of something new and more fun.

Tiphero offers you 14 outstanding manicure ideas to crush that nail annoying boredom. These are not only majestic outcomes, but they can be easy and fun to master for beginners too. For a full step-by-step tutorial, be sure to click on the links below!

1. Sassy glittering French tips


Source: Cute Polish

A mixture of simple and sparkling elements at the same time. But just enough, not too sparkly. The secret lies in a mattifying silver base coat.

2. Replace the nail polish with colorful Sharpies


Source: Hello Maphie

You probably remember how the most boring classes in primary school brought the best in your-creative-self. Lesson learned kiddo. Now is the time to really embrace the Sharpie nail hack and say no to boring nail polish.

3. Join the “matte” side


Source: tatina_umetnica via Instagram

They probably don’t have cookies there. But they do have the most beautiful matte nails. They go with any outfit and  any occasion.

4. Put a spin on a floral classic


Source: cutepolish

Don’t be discouraged by the delicate flower applied in the nail salons. These edgy, black and white flowers are really easy to master. And, no they are not only for the springtime.

5. Customized colors


Source: TaylorLea32

Pouring nail polish on a piece of paper to create a lighter or darker shade? Sounds familiar, doesn’t it? Well, how about now mixing most of the polishes that you own so you can create your very personal and unique nail polish color for yourself.

6. Go full-out glam the right way


Source: Kelli Marissa

“What is the right way to go full-out glam?” Let’s just say it involves painting as much glitter on those nails as possible!

7. Express your love for the holidays


Source: CutePolish

These are a great excuse for all of you looking forward to celebrating the upcoming holidays.  You can start practicing now, so you can master your holiday nail look on time.

8. Self-made water marble stickers


Source: cutepolish

Even though this manicure technique seems impossibly difficult to master, we assure you it will be worth it. Just take your time.

9. Embrace this hypnotic manicure


Source: cutepolish

Do you want to have a unique and brilliant manicure? Try this melted monochrome technique and you will definitely get compliments from your friends.

10. Electrifying nails


Source: Janelle Estep

You probably wonder which expensive nail kit you will need for these sharp design.  The answer is an ordinary piece of scotch tape. Yes as simple as that. And voila, you have this magnificent outcome.

11. Show your edge


Source: Charlotte Stories

How cool are these? The ‘90s-throwback shattered-nail look like you’ve never seen it before!

12. Sometimes drippy polish is good polish


Source: cutepolish

Who would say that drippy polish can be good polish?  We dare you to try this cool and chic design.

13. Queen Bee


Source: My Simple Pleasures

If you want to have an original and unique manicure, try this bumblebee-inspired technique.

14. Paint on perfectly straight stripes


Source: designedbycucu via Instagram

Yes, there is something for the perfectionists as well.  Get these perfect lines on your nails with just a pair of scissors and your favourite polish color.

Don’t forget to share your thoughts on these revolutionary nail techniques.

Source: tiphero

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