14 Famous Actors And Actresses Who Got Fired From The Movie Set

Art is sometimes complicated business, especially when it comes to cinema. There are many people involved in any movie, and the directors sometimes have a super difficult time in making sure their vision survives all the actors, producers, and basically the small army of people involved. It is, in a way, the art of managing people and visions. And today, thanks to FactAlarm, we’ll be looking at just that: the placement – and replacement, of actors.

1. Christian Bale VS Leonardo DiCaprio: American Psycho

This is one of the most indecisive movie roles of all time, but very few people know that the iconic role of Christian Bale would’ve almost gone to Leonardo DiCaprio. Basically, Bale was first chosen for the role, but after DiCaprio gained increased popularity at the time, both Bale and the director, Mary Harron, were fired. However, DiCaprio then changed his mind, because he didn’t want to destroy his romantic image after the Titanic, so he quit. In the end, the studio was forced to rehire Christian Bale.

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2. Michael J. Fox Vs Eric Stoltz: Back to the Future

Eric Stoltz filmed a lot of material as Marty McFly – he spent 6 weeks on the set. But as time went by, it was recognized that his acting style simply wouldn’t fit the feel of the movie. So, enter Michael J. Fox. Who, as we all know, nailed it!


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3. Cristopher Plummer VS Kevin Spacey: All the Money in the World

Not surprising, seeing as Kevin Spacey was embroiled in scandal after scandal lately. All the accusations made Ridley Scott, the director of All the Money in the World, replace him with an older actor, who still fit the role nicely: Cristopher Plummer.


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4. Katherine Heigl Vs Anne Hathaway: Knocked Up

Although being the first choice, Hathaway was grossed out by a – get this – childbirth scene. What was she thinking, you might wonder, seeing as the movie was called Knocked Up? Well, at any rate, she started evading the scene so intensely, thinking up of all sorts of excuses, that she was finally fired and replaced with Katherine Heigl.


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5. Hugo Weaving Vs James Purefoy: V for Vendetta

It took six weeks of James Purefoy wearing a Guy Fawkes mask before the director suddenly realized that his voice wasn’t nearly as menacing as they wanted it to be. So? Someone mentioned how brooding Hugo Weaving sounded in The Lord of the Rings, and how menacing he looked in The Matrix, and voila – he was hired. Thank the Queen.


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6. Michael Biehn Vs James Remar: Aliens

Director James Cameron made the move quite surprisingly, and no one knew the real reason for years. Later, it turned out that James Remar was arrested for the possession of drugs during filming, so the director didn’t want him in the movie anymore. And perhaps for the better – Michael Biehn was brilliant!


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7. Perry King Vs Richard Gere: The Lords of Flatbush

Allegedly, Richard Gere was so unbearable and hostile to the other actors, that one day he even dropped a piece of greasy chicken – on purpose – on Stallone’s pants. It was the straw that broke the camel’s back, and he was promptly replaced with Perry King.


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8. Scarlett Johansson Vs Samantha Morton: Her

They needed a very seductive voice for that tempting operating system. So, midway through filming, the crew decided that Samantha Morton’s voice just didn’t have that ‘fire’ that the script needed. But you know who had it? Scarlett Johansson.


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9. Mark Wahlberg Vs Ryan Gosling: The Lovely Bones

This was a weird one. For some reason, Gosling got it into his head that his character should be overweight. So he was gaining weight fast as he was getting more and more into his role. But the director, Peter Jackson, had a different take on things. In the end, he had to replace Gosling for Mark Wahlberg, who did a fine job.


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10. Jodie Foster Vs Nicole Kidman: Panic Room

Just as she was supposed to start filming, Nicole Kidman suffered a terrible knee injury. A replacement was necessary, and it fell to Jodi Foster to take over the role.


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11. Rosie Huntington-Whiteley Vs Megan Fox: Transformers: Dark of the Moon

Megan Fox has a fitting surname because it kinda captures her feisty attitude. On the set of Transformers: Dark of the Moon, she got in such a row with director Michael Bay, that she compared him to Hitler. And Bay “just” wanted her to gain some weight and sun-tan for the role. Megan refused arrogantly so Bay decided to burn bridges by firing Fox and hiring Rosie Huntington-Whitley.


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12. George Clooney Vs Robert Downey Jr.: Gravity

Downey Jr. was already filming, when director Alfonso Cuaron no longer felt he was doing justice to the role. In his own words, “Robert is incredibly talented, but the technological aspects of the movie presented a big obstacle to his style of acting”. Well, who was better suited? Turns out it was George Clooney. Gravity went on to become an award-winning movie.


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13. Kevin Peter Hall Vs Jean-Claude Van Damme: Predator

This is sort of an urban legend by this point. Here’s what happened: Van Damme was chosen for the role because he was an expert in martial arts and just being very athletic all-around. However, none of that was used for his role as the alien/hunter in Predator. Instead, he was trapped in a thick, smelly, hot costume for most of the time during filming, and he never had to ever say a word or do an action stunt. Most of his work consisted of “Walk from A to B”. So, he got immensely frustrated, feeling his talents were wasted. So, he quit. The replacement actor, Kevin Peter Hall, did excellently – but the role was changed too. If Van Damme stayed, who knows, maybe he wouldn’t have hated it anymore.

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14. Claire Danes Vs Natalie Portman: Romeo+Juliet

Although Portman was initially hired, the filmmakers later changed their minds. The reason? Well, Portman looked ‘too much like a child’ to them, especially in the role of Juliet. Which is sort of understandable, because Natalie Portman was only 14 at the time, and had to co-star with Leonardo DiCaprio, who was 21.  She was replaced by Claire Danes, who was… Sixteen.

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