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14 Illustrations That Show The Two Different Kinds Of People In This World


It is true that each and every one of us is unique, but when it comes to specific things in life, there are certain ways we do things that just feel natural.

Some people do things one way, some people do it another, and this hillarious Tumblr page  pokes some fun at these differences.

The Tumblr page in question is ‘2 Kinds of People’ which posts funny pics of a lot of things that people do either one way or another, and usually these are things that we don’t even think about all that much. Take a look at these and see which kind of person are you.

When browsing the web, do you have a few neatly arranged tabs open, or do you just have multiple windows cluttering your screen?
Little things like this say a lot about our personalities.

One of the simplest things that we face almost every day, cutting a sandwich in half. Simple, right? Do you cut the sandwich across or diagonally?

Listening to music is something we do literally every day, and a lot of people are very specific about how that music gets to their ears? Do you keep it light and use simple earpods or do you go the full hog and just use a big pair of headphones instead?


Do you live life on the edge and use your phone without a case, or do you play it safe and put a case on it the milisecond you take it out of the box?

When watching your favorite movies or TV shows, do you sit in front of the TV or do you prefer to watch on your laptop?

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