14 Minimalist DIY Nails You Would Want to Make ASAP!


Decorating your nails is so much fun. It is that time of the day where you spend 15-20 minutes and get creative. I know all those nail salons are amazing, but very expensive and unfortunately can also cause a bit of damage to your nails. So, why not make the whole process more enjoyable? All you have to do is free your mind, and let your hand do the rest of the work. I mean, how many times did not like the manicure or the design they did? Andthen you had to wait 1-2 weeks to change it? Let’s make things more easier. We have collected some of the best nail manicures for you, and the best part is your friend’s face when you tell them you did it by yourself. Check them out:

1.A Single Dot A Single Dot


2.The Neon Trend

The Neon Trend


3.Inspiration Monochrome

Inspiration Monochrome


4. A Subtle Line

A Subtle Line


5. Subtle and Nude

Subtle and Nude


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