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14 Of The Tiniest Mistakes In ‘Titanic’


In 1998, Titanic pretty much swept the floor with everyone else at the 70th Academy Awards ceremony in the famous Shrine Auditorium, L.A. No, Leo DiCaprio was not winning Oscars in the 1990es either, but that’s a story for another day. For a kid born long after the legend of Ben Hur and a few years before the Lord of the Rings would be in the making, it was something unheard of.

That spring, it seemed like Celine Dion’s voice was blasting from every speaker on earth and as funny as it seems now, it did seem like we’d seen the epitome of epicness on the big screen.

The quote of Joseph Bruce Ismay, the ship’s designer, who mused that he “wanted to convey Titanic’s sheer size, and that meant stability, luxury, and above all, strength” could apply to James Cameron’s ambitions about the movie as well. Almost two decades ago, this flick had all of that in abundance; not much is lost today, either.

In remembrance of Titanic’s 14 Oscar nominations in 1998, today we present you 14 mistakes that film boffins managed to discover over the years. And although as years go by we will laugh more and more at the movie’s petty technical incompetencies, even when the passage of time inevitably starts magnifying them more and more with every viewing, Titanic’s initial mindblowing greatness will probably never be forgotten.

1. Rose’s mole seems to move across her face



2. Even in a movie this would have been a Health & Safety hazard



3. Coat sneakily elongates.



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