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These 14 Next-Level Superfans Will Get You Stoked


What’s a TV show, a book or a sport’s team without its fans, right? They are the ones who discuss the book in details every Friday in their Book club, or the ones that go to every sports game to support their team. And then, there are the superfans who go the extra mile. The ones who write page after page fan fiction about their favorite TV couple, or the ones who scream in other people’s faces and tell them how their life would be meaningless without their favorite football team.

Here is a list of 15 people who are superfans who are so pumped that you’re going to be, too – compiled by Diply.

1. Packer’s fan

This guy is certainly a big Packer’s fan, but he is also kind of embarrassing his friends. A lot.


Source: reddit | mrssnrub

2. The Slash fan

“Here hold my bicycle, I am going to take a picture with Slash”


Source: reddit | xlym

3.Nicolas Cage is everywhere

Of course she will have a Nicolas Cage onesie. Who doesn’t?


Source: reddit | Bitvis

4.Holy Trilogy

Seems like we have a super fan show down.


Source: reddit | NoahDavenport

5. He does have the power.

Young age is the best age to become passionate about something.


Source: Imgur | bulljive

6. This cup will give you the perfect mustache

Now this guy is devoted to the cause.


Source: reddit | iriesurfcaptain

7. A hockey superfan

What’s more scary that a hockey puck coming right to your face with the speed of light?


Source: reddit | WeAreWonderfulNow

8. Property of Raiders

No one likes the Raiders as much as this guy does.


Source: reddit | elsewhere1

9. The potterhead

Who’s up for a game of  Quidditch?


Source: reddit | captpickard

10. The brave one

Angry Dutch fans swimming towards the boat in 3… 2… 1…


Source: reddit | WhatWeOnlyFantasize

11. Baseball for life

These two are Baseball’s best fans! That is some devotion.


Source: reddit | haybecca

12. Krusty Krab and Patrick

It’s so adorable when fellow nerds find each other.


Source: reddit | Lambo1206

13. Comic-Con

Nothing like dressing up for Comic-Con to scare children.


Source: reddit | rytis

14. Hulkster

This is the absolute tribute.


Source: reddit | Slorebunny
Main image via Imgur / bulljive
Collage images via 1. reddit / Slorebunny 2. reddit / Lambo1206 3. reddit / elsewhere1
From: diply

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