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14 People Whose Sense Of Going Natural With Makeup Is Totally Different

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Makeup is a special form of art. Have you checked the latest makeup trend? For some people, however, makeup is not all that interesting. But, then, there is the other group of people who have a daily routine of beauty and makeup, and sometimes, they go over the top. For the latter, looking natural is a different perception. Looking natural is maybe not putting highlighter in the end, but they are are far from going out without their 5-minute easy routine. Sometimes, too, they get a lot of hateful comments about their unnatural hair, makeup, and nail routine. For these people, natural is not fun at all.

Here is how they do it.

1. The lowkey fashionista whose sequins offer the a beautiful barely-noticeable golden glow.

Any highlight that uses powder may be just over the top. That’s why sequins come in! To bring the subtlety.

Source: Instagram | @eddymua

2. The casual person who asks their lash technician for natural-looking length.

If you are putting lashes on, they will not look natural at all in the first place! Or maybe they will, with the subtle cut? Anything is possible.

Source: Instagram | @alluringlengthslashes

3. The person who makes the appropriate face when someone has the audacity to hate on their makeup routine.

It’s not your face, nor your makeup! So can you step back, please!Is it your face?

Source: Instagram | @makeuplolz

4. The low-maintenance person whose everyday look calls for the lightest dusting of highlight.

The one that your neighbors must notice! Otherwise, you are probably doing something wrong.

Source: Instagram | @makeup.memessssss

5. The artist who has the perfect response to someone who says he only goes for “natural” girls.

Naturally, what is your first instinct here? Maybe to teach this guy a lesson? Everyone has choice, dude!

Source: Instagram | @makeup_memes

6. The beauty queen who knows that a subtle layer of bronzer and highlight are summer beauty requirements.

Subtle never hurt anyone!

Source: Instagram | @bybrookelle

7. The makeup pro who knows how to reply when the girls call to tell her that looking extra tonight isn’t necessary.

When you just can’t get what isn’t natural about glitter, teal, and fake lashes.

Source: Instagram | @makeup.memessssss

8. The girl who wanted a little bit of length on her nails.

Making daily activities a challenge with super long nails isn’t your wish here.

Source: Instagram | @colorcodednailgallery

9. The natural beauty whose friends give you warnings about being all natural.

What’s wrong with a full face of silver rhinestones every once in a while?

Source: Instagram | @makeup_memes

10. The other meaning of the word “casual”.

The only word that matters here is “event.” Time to take out all the makeup!

Source: Instagram | @makeuplolz

11. The girl who knows that there’s no point leaving the house without a casual highlight on.

Just a little is all you need to achieve that subtle summer glow!

Source: Instagram | @makeuplolz

12. The perfectionist who knows that the eye shadow has to be on-point.

No matter the occasion, this is simply an appropriate rule.

Source: Instagram | @thejoy.of.makeup

13. The diva who knows that if using your hands is easy, your nails are probably not long enough.

Make sure to have someone to help you out, though!

Source: Instagram | @coolest_kid_on_the_block

14. The glamorous person whose middle name is “subtle.”

Your subtle ways are also your makeup friends.

Source: Instagram | @makeup.memessssss

How would you describe your makeup look?


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