14 Incredible People Who Made Some Very Questionable Life Decisions


Ever seen a weird photo online, and had to ask yourself what happened? Like, what were they thinking when they got that tattoo?

Well, I guess we can all agree that that person wasn’t us. And we can give ourselves a nice tap on the back, and then have some good fun watching others make fools of themselves. Thanks to Diply, we can now gloat at the hilarious misfortune and silliness of fourteen people. Some are just ouch, though, so brace yourselves!

1. Parenting done wrong!

But it’s not just the parent’s fault – whoever designed that slide needs to get their head checked.


Source: Imgur

2. I have a ton of questions…

One day he’ll have to explain this to his grandchildren though. Good luck.life2

Source: Epic Fail

3. Way to ruin both the cheese and the Pop-Tarts!

What the hell were you thinking man?life3

Source: Twitter | @cjorgensen79

4. Honest mistake!


Source: Piximus

5. I bet they ordered it from China.

The size kinda explains it. Just like my L-sized too small t-shirt. Sigh.


Source: Bitter Amanda Speaks

6. At least he’s being honest.

He’s also raising some awareness… About himself…


Source: Imgur

7. Ummm? Why not just drive away?

How long will you be bucketing that water out? Ten hours?life9

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8. Anger management, anyone?


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9. Is it just me, or he looks pretty stuck?

How do you get yourself in this situation?


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10. I blame the tattoo artist.

You could’ve said NO.


Source: Tattoo

11. Another day, another fail…

At least she still has a lot of hair.


Source: YouTube

12. Looks to me like a doorway to disease, but what do I know…


Source: Imgur

13. Maybe they have extremely good vision!

Or they did a bit too much sun gazing for the day.


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14. I guess she wanted to change the light bulb!

Funny – but I hope she’s safe.



From: diply

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