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14 People Who Achieved Fantastic Results After Making A Drastic Lifestyle Change

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There is nothing better than feeling good in your own skin and loving your body. But that requires a lot of dedication and working on your personality, mind, as well as physical appearance. Some people have gained a lot of weight, but still feel good about themselves, others have done the opposite and managed to feel amazing self-love. Sometimes, people need to make a drastic change in their lifestyle in order to leade a healthier and happier life. This guy achieved just that by working daily on his physical appearance and diet. He is one in a million who achieved great results with a lot of dedication, just like the people below.

Making the decision to lose weight is one of the biggest and most difficult lifestyle changes you can possibly make. It’s physically exhausting as you’ll probably undergo intense workout sessions at the gym. After you’ve achieved great results, it’s very easy to fall back into your old habits again.

However, there are a number of people who have won in this weight loss journey.


Here are 14 incredibly inspirational men and women who decided they needed to make a change once and for all.

1. In the first photo, he’s 17 and in the other, he’s 20. Dramatic!


2. This lady was told repeatedly that she wasn’t doing her health any favors, so she did her best.


3. This lady is happy that she can now wear clothes that are flattering for her figure. Wow!


4. She once weighed 262 lbs at only 5’4″, but just look at her now! She looks amazing!


5. This woman started a weight loss blog in 2007, and it helped her tremendously. She looks fantstic now.


The next story is of a man who always enjoyed going for a swim, but he was still overweight! He decided to increase his physical activity far beyond what he thought he was capable of. And the results were incredible!

6. He is a whole lot happier with his new figure.


7. As an adult, he finally started hitting the gym.


8. This inspirational lady penned a book about her weight loss journey entitled 150 Pounds Gone Forever


9. This Singaporean woman was by no means obese, but she still felt the need to transform her lifestyle. She looks slim now!


Check out the next story! This woman would never even run for a bus, and now she’s running marathons with ease!

10. She used to indulge in junk food, and now runs marathons!


11. These twins embarked on a weight loss journey together!


12. She was once a couch potato and is now a bodybuilder. Incredible!


13. His self-esteem has sky-rocketed since losing the pounds!


14. She thought she’d be lucky to lose a few pounds, then this transformation happened…


Here is an extra weight loss story in the video below. Enjoy!

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