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These 14 Throw Back Photos of Paris Hilton and Kim Kardashian’s Friendship Will Make You Nostalgic


Hands up if you remember the noughties, Dawson’ Creek was on tv, Britney and Justic seemed like they were made for each other and Kylie Minogue had us all Spinning Around. 

And while we were all tuning up our iPods and reading the DaVinci Code, a very special friendship was blossoming between a well known socialite and the soon to be reality TV star of the Century (it may be too early to say, but who can else can blow up the internet like KK?)

We are of course, talking about Ms. Paris Hilton and Ms. Kim Kardashian. These two ladies were living it large and we loved it!


The 36-year-old businesswoman and socialite, Hilton was probably the first “influencer” and heiress to the Hilton hotel fortune. All of this in an interesting head-to-toe pink style that made people fall in love with her at first sight, including the Chihuahua that fit in her handbag. And when she wasn’t busy starring in the cult television show, The Simple Life, Paris was busy bossing about Kim Kardashian. It’s probably hard to remember Kim Kardashian when she wasn’t famous for her selfies and curvy body, but, at that time, she was Paris’s bestie. And photos prove their cute, but short-lived friendship. It basically looked like Kim was her personal assistant, but maybe Paris was grooming her for the big-time.

1. Paris and Kim used to enjoy partying together


2. And texting together


3.Basically, they loved texting together


4. Paris had the upper foot in the relationship


5. She didn’t always let Kim in her pictures, especially when they were with P. Diddy


6. Or anyone else, actually…


7. Kim got used to spending a lot of time by Paris’s side. And she liked it.


8. She was of great use, though


9. She would never let Paris do any heavy lifting


10. And sometimes Kim felt excluded

10. But sometimes Kim felt excluded

11. There was a time when Kim wasn’t the queen of selfies

11. There was a point when Kim wasn’t queen of the selfie

12. And when she wasn’t used to the flashing lights of the paparazzi


13. In fact, Kim used to feel uncomfortable around celebrities at one point


14. She always had Paris there, however, to force her to play dress up.


Gone are the days when Kim was Paris’s personal closet organiser and foot masseuse, and Kim is now much more famous. It seems like Karma exists for everyone.


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